My situation
    OK guys..experiencing ED 5 months after PCT on a "tren only" 8 week cycle

    I know doing the tren only cycle was stupid as ****

    all my blooodwork is comin back normal...but my libido isnt fully there and my ability to get an erection is also
    an test is 870

    since i didnt do test in my cycle,,,

    Would it be really dump to do a 5 week cycle of TEST and then aggressive PCT to get my libido back.............any someone outweigh the pros/cons of this?

    maybe i will get my libido back in time...but at almost 6 losing patience

  2. That's rough dude... Sorry to hear.

    Have you tried something like DTH? Or a different natural test booster more recently?

    Longjack works well for me in that regard. Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  3. Thanks ryan

    bought some longjack last far, no improvement but its only been a week

    just dont knwo whats wrong with the kind of dude who wanted 2 **** 24 7

  4. If your test is at 870 now and you have libido and ED issues another cycle of test would be dumb. To be honest you need to see urologist and be straightup about it. Your talking your **** here.

  5. my urologist told me taht my blooodwork in feb was 390

    now that it is normal...i just gotta wait it out and eventually my body will realize its normal again and i will then...feel normal again//

    libido will return etc

  6. Look into dth. You may find your fix with that and time. Getting my ass beat and logging it.

  7. Ive had ED alot. It should come back at your current levels if you can keep em there. Still say a doc though. If you can

  8. Doc man. Taking any test or test booster isn't really going to help. Your levels are good


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