first post.. not first cycle..

  1. first post.. not first cycle..

    I am 26 years old and I have been lifting since I was 17. I am 5'7 and 172 lbs. I got in a bad car accident when I was 23 and had to pretty much start over. I ran a cycle of spawn after I was back up to reasonable shape. I am curious about who has taken this and what have you taken since?

  2. So... Don't know if anyone is going to read this but.. here we go...


    Beastdrol @ 10/20/20/20




    Fish oil
    liver fix


    I will be eating everything aside from fried foods and heavily processed food.


    I will be starting a variation of a DC work out.

  3. All looks good my G. On the spawn,i havnt taking it,but when i was younger before i had ever heard of roids,i heard some of my bro's buddy's talking about the ****,they were talking about it like it was god lol,now a couple of my buddys have ran it,they say its amazing,though my friends have never heard of a SERM,or PCT in general,they had great gains!

    But for what i have taken so far is.....R.A.G.E. RV2,R.A.G.E. RV3 and Tren solo.Im running a winstrol cycle soon,ordering it tommaro,people say im crazy for running it cuz my bf isnt as low as it should be lol,but at this point i couldnt give a damn.Actually what im getting is AZOLOL,which is winstrol,but its like the Europe version or something.Good luck with the Beastdrol.Dont expect to get gains like that of SD like its reps will say,theres plenty of logs and reviews on the stuff,lol,ppl will tell u that have ran it that its not nearly as powerful as they make it out to be,and then again ive read a log where the dude said "its like d-bol but without the bloat",like i said,ONE log,ive never ran it so i couldnt tell you personally,but hey,i trust you have done your research.Good luck man.
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