Beastdrol / Var Bridge !Help!

  1. Beastdrol / Var Bridge !Help!

    My original plan was this:

    SD 10/20/20
    Var 0/0/20/40/40/50

    IGF-1 E3D 20mcg bilaterally throughout.

    I will take all necessary support supps.

    PCT will be Clomid

    From everything I read it looks like this will trash my libido. My question is could I run some of my left over Hdrol with this. Hdrol turns me in to a walking hard on so I thought it might help things out.

    I understand that all these orals are bad for my liver but my doses aren't anything crazy. I would probably just run 25 mg Hdrol throughout or just if I notice the decrease.

    Any help is much appreciated. I know I should probably just make the jump to straight test but I am not ready to do so.


  2. Up the var bro, I would start at 50mg during the overlap wk. Than taper up 50/60/70/70

  3. I dont liek the cycle but i would rec T-911 for libido . I found it to work VERY well for me when i tryed it out for the hell of it. worked too well! lol

    but again test should be the base of your cycle . not oral only cycles.
    not just for libido but for HEALTH as testosterone is used for MANY functions other then just muscle and libido.
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  4. He's only going 6wks. I would of told him to otherwise

  5. Thanks for the input. I do appreciate it.

    I am still considering the test. It would be my first run and I am still a little hesitant.

    I am also looking at pulsing the SD. Then I could run the Var at a higher dose and keep from being too shut down.


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