1 Week Into M-DROL Follow Me if you want

  1. 1 Week Into M-DROL Follow Me if you want

    Hey I'm one week and 2 days into 3 week m-drol cycle. So far so good, gained 8 lbs. in first week, muscles feel harder than ever. Did not expect any gains in first week but have already had people asking me if I'm on something.

    Took 10 mg first week, now 20 mg a day for 2 weeks. Taking milk thistle, hawthorn, cycle assist, and multivitamins. Eating like a horse and drinking as much water as possible. Starting to notice strength and muscle endurance gains, as well as more veins popping.

    Started to notice a few small lumps on right nipple which sucks, hoping I don't have to end cycle early. I have nolva and clomid for PCT.

  2. still on the m-drol? lumps still there?

  3. At about the same exact period in my cycle as you were during this post. I will keep my dosing at 20 mg throughout. I also have been checking nipples daily to make sure for anything and have been noticing firmness under but not sure if I'm psyching myself out or not. Have yours gone down or still there?

  4. Lumps seem to have gone down a little, but still there. Only on one nipple. Seemed kind of sharp and a little painful at first. Not painful unless I push on it. Feels like a little ball. Not too worried about it.

    I was kind of disappointed this week, lost 2 pounds then gained one back. Havn't changed anything this week, besides going up to 20 mgs. Working out harder than ever, slight strength gains. Still eating like a horse, eating more than ever, thought I would gain more this week. So far seems like any gains were in the first week. Hoping week 3 will have some noticeable gains.

    Thinking about going up to 30 mgs for the last 5 days or so then start PCT. So far still 12 pounds up from the start. Really hoping I can keep gains and muscle hardness after the cycle.

  5. Hows your cycle going?



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