PPlex/epi bridge...feedback...advice...

  1. Exclamation PPlex/epi bridge...feedback...advice...

    starting this pplex/ epi bridge in a few weeks. waiting on some more stuff to come in the mail. want to hear back any opinions how im gonna run this or anything i should change.

    daily supps, before after during

    Multi vitamin pack from GNC, triple strength fish oil twice daily, vit. C, Ubiquinol, thermal CLA, tri-flex, b-complex, glutamine,

    pre cycle load

    cycle assist, for two weeks...throughout cycle and pct

    Cycle PPlex/Epi

    PPlex 10/20/30/30 ..........if i decided to do three weeks, ...20/30/30..?
    Epi..... 0/ 0/ 20/30/40/40


    SERM... Tomax or Clomid....(res. chem..if fake, how do i know, and options)

    debating using clomid to help bring up my natural test levels because mine are low as is from previous cycles and did not using a serm, (used OTC)...Opinions?

    PCT assist, DAA, ZMA, Inhibit-e....( is using this necessary? if so, should i wait till week 2/3 of my SERM till i start so i dont suppress to much E.?)

    cortisol control??? reduce xt if needed...necessary?

    also something im very curios about, i am prescribed to adderall, i need to take it, does it have any serious effects when taking these products? besides increased BP?


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