want to up libido durring cycle

  1. want to up libido durring cycle

    currently in 2nd week of an epivar cycle at 36mg a day want to know of a supplement that will help increase libido on cycle

  2. testosterone
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    I've also done fasting and doseing and felt grealt anabolicness , deffint hunger but I'm stronger than that keep full and vascular and strength gose up

  3. well yeah im sry for not making myself clear im looking for something to boost test as i want to minimize shutdown at the end of my cycle and im afraid any kind of synthetic test would only make the cycle harder to recover from

  4. Nothing will produce more test unless you use test. But for libido Like if your just wanting it for sex id run some cialis or viag works wonders for me on my cycles

  5. oh true thanks thats an obvious awnser i should of thought of that myself



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