Hi all,

I think this is my first post on AM. Usually post on another board.

I'm planning to run a pulse cycle using Epistane and Trenazone. First time using either of these compounds and first time trying a pulse. Would appreciate feedback.

Two weeks pre-cycle
Liver Juice 5ml 2x daily
Himalayan Liver Care (similar to Liv.52) - 1 tab 2x daily

Epistane/Trenazone Pulse Cycle ( 7 weeks total )
4x2 (4 days on during w/o, 2 days off during rest)

On Days
First 4 days: Epistane - 1 tablet (10mg) 2x daily


Epistane - 2 tablets 2x daily = 40mg/day
Trenazone - 4 squirts 2x daily

Off days
Liver Longer 1 tablet 2x daily
NAC 600mg 2x daily

PCT (4 weeks)
TOREM (60, 30, 30, 30)
Sustain Alpha 5ml 2x daily (5 days on 2 days off)
Anastrazole 0.2mg EOD
Liver Longer 1 tab 2x daily
NAC 600mg 2x daily

Ive got a half bottle of Ostarine sitting around. Can I work this in and if so where?

Thanks in advance.