superdrol 3 weeks at 10 mg, help me with pct

  1. superdrol 3 weeks at 10 mg, help me with pct

    I do not post often on this board, but I need some advice with an upcoming superdrol cycle. The goal of the cycle is a lean bulk.

    Background: I have been lifting for 8 years, and seriously for the past 4 while following a strict diet. I had shoulder surgery for a labral tear last March. I have more than recovered from the surgery and am stronger in all lifts. Current bench is 345 x 1, squat 395 x 1, and dead lift 430 x 1. I weigh 185 pounds and am around 11 percent body fat.

    I am finishing up a protomax cycle and would like some input on my upcoming cycle that I plan to run this fall.

    I plan to run superdrol (transform forged sd extreme) for 3 weeks at 10/10/10
    I know most people bump the dosage up to 20 mgs but at 10 mgs I should still see decent gains which may be more maintainable and hopefully notice reduced sides. Also there are virtually no logs on 3 week 10 mg SD cycles. I will be running cycle assist 8 caps a day and liv 52 at 2 caps a day throughout the cycle.

    PCT is what I am most concerned about. I understand there is a chance of rebound gyno. At the dose I am running this at should I be very concerned about rebound gyno?

    My pct will look something like this:
    Nolva 30/20/20/10/10 (or maybe just 4 weeks, what do yall think?)
    PCT assist at 6 caps a day for 3 weeks
    Lean extreme 3/3/3/3
    Toco 8 starting after week two during the SD cycle
    Continue cycle support and liv 52 throughout pct
    Activate xtreme 0/0/0/0/5-6 caps a day starting during the last week of nolva tapered down to two caps over a few weeks (my theory here is that this will still somewhat help regulate estrogen and testosterone after coming off the nolva and help with shgb and reduce the chance of rebound gyno, my thinking may be completely flawed here but let me know what you think)
    Fenugreek for 4 weeks
    L dopa 3-4 grams a day tapered down to reduce prolactin

    So what do you think? Do I need all this with such a low dose at only a 3 week run? Cost is not an issue here and im trying to be as much on the safe side as possible

  2. 40 views and no posts, come on guys help me out here

  3. i ran a 3 week 10mg run of beast, but i bridged it into another compound, u'll still see good gains, however it's going to be very difficult to keep gains from only 3 weeks, the nolva looks good, i start test boosters week 3 of pct along with anti cort supplements....many ppl get rebound gyno, so i usually always run an over the top pct when it comes to sd just to be safe and to try and keep the gains as much as possible....hope this helps, i'll also send u a pm with some other ideas
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  4. Thanks for the help. I appreciate the ideas

  5. with only 10mg for 3 weeks i think you could comfortably do the nolva at 20/20/10/10 and be fine. just my suggestion though. other than that everything seems to be in order. kudos man! and best of luck on gains!



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