Guys, whats up this is my first time back in here since like 1589 lol
nah but since 08 to 09 ive been lifting religously saw good results but due to my ectomorphism and work i went down signiificant i went from 185 190 to 160 soakin wet bro?!?!?! thts some real mental fckin. anyway im still lifting on and off and my diet is gona go back up gonna do 3 shakes a day squeeze meals in and lift Im gonna gear up with tst and deca im. 25 never geared
but did do pro hormones. f that sht im gonna go real anyway advice- besides eat whole foods eat eat eat lift sleep. I really need to get back to where i was. I need help please no sarcastic sht brothers im hurtin ill post my pics as to update just bought carnivore shots 50g's beef protien. so lemme knw how to do this before i die from ass clown **** really appreciate it thanks fellas