DBol, Bolderon, Pentadex

  1. DBol, Bolderon, Pentadex

    Looking to do a cycle of D-Bol, Bolderon, and Pentadex (Sustanon)
    3 wks of 50mg of D-Bol to kick
    15 wks of 200mg of Bolderon and 600mg of Pentadex. (100/300 twice a week)
    Im thinking of ending cycle by stacking trenbolone or winstrol.
    Any advice would be nice.

  2. OP standing at 6,4 and weighing 185 lbs,i don't believe using several anabolics would do you anything good. Not bashing you or anything but i strongly suggest you to try and improve your diet/and your training.
    All information provided by me is for research & entertainment purposes only.
    REP ME !!!

  3. Heres the advice! Dont do steroids! Diet/Train/Rest!

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