liquid nolva? pct mdrol

  1. liquid nolva? pct mdrol

    running an mdrol cycle, running liv 52 on cycle with milk thistle and AI cycle support mdrol 10/10/20/20 on cycle

    post pct i plan on running all of that and liquid nolva

    i was wondering what kind of dosage to take, like 2 drops a day the first 2 weeks and 1 drop the last 2? on a 4 week pct. would that be an ok dose?

  2. What is the Mg/Ml measurement? It needs to be 40mg first two weeks and 20mg for the second two weeks. I dont know how much is in a drop
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  3. LiquiNolva
    25 mg per ml -- 30 ml vial USP 24 grade LiquiNolva suspended
  4. bump

    so like 2 drops the first 2 weeks and 1 the 2nd 2 weeks of pct?

  5. you need to find out how much is in a drop... that being said, if 25mg=1ml then take 2ml drops for 50mg equivelant.
    i just wnet to walgreens and grabbed a 1cc syringe without the needle to use for measuring....1cc=1ml


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