Helladrol Bulk Semi Log (ya I switched, wanna fight about it)

  1. Helladrol Bulk Semi Log (ya I switched, wanna fight about it)

    Ok guys I am starting a new thread b/c I have decided to use this Helladrol cycle to bulk instead of cut. "Make up your mind", ya I know that's what you are saying. I am at 167 right now and after looking in the mirror for a while, losing strength in my lifts, & seeing my brother get bigger as I shrink and weaken has turned me around. Now onto the Plan

    Supplementation phase 1 (starting Monday 2/28/11):

    Helladrol: 50/75/75/75/100/100
    Cycle Support: 2 scoops a day
    CLA: 6pills a day
    Fish Oil: 6 pills a day (may go buy 3x strength b/c mine are low dose)
    Sesamin: 3 pills a day
    Opti-Men: 3 pills a day
    Glucosamine/MSM/Chond.: 3 pills a day
    Super Cissus RX: as directed
    HGH Pro: as directed
    Yohimbine: just enough for a little extra energy throughout the day and for libido

    Supplementation phase 2:

    Torem: 100mg days 1-3, 80mg days 4-7, 60mg days 8-21, 30mg days 22-28
    Post Cycle Support/TestoPro: as directed
    Lean Xtreme: as directed
    Cycle Support: 2 scoops a day
    Fadogia: as directed

    Workout Regimen:

    I will be following Layne Norton's 5x5 routine. This is what me and my brother were running before I decided to cut so I will be jumping back in it with him.


    Smashing on the calories at 3200-3500 daily and we will go from there.

    Any other input is welcome and sorry for the switcheroo. It won't happen again.

  2. Wow going back to eating carbs makes me a lot hungrier throughout the day. It is 4pm here and I am already around 2900 calories. I may go a bit over 3500 today lol.

  3. Subbed bro! Should be fun

    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  4. I decided to bump the Hella up to 75mg today. Lifts were okay today, but I am still a lot weaker from my overboard cut. Next time I cut I will not go to the extreme that I did before. I was around 3100 calories before dinner when my wife convinced me to hit up Golden Corral. Wow I am stuffed guys and I know I went way over my goal of 3500 or so for the day. I am probably sitting around 5000 lol. Oh well go hard or go home I guess. HGH Pro and some sleepy time here I come. Stay tuned...

  5. Hit the legs pretty good today. Back pumps kicked in pretty good around the 3rd set of squats. Those pumps ain't no joke. I skipped deadlifts as my second exercise and saved them for later when my back had settled down. I guess I will bump up the taurine and hope for the best. I am feeling a lot stronger since coming off of my cut. I'm sure it is a combo of all the extra food and the PH, but I am feeling beastly compared to 2 weeks ago. I have been grubbing super hard to the point I'm probably over doing it, but screw it I'm going hard. I gotta try and pass my brother up who still has about 10 pounds on me even though I have put on 10 pounds in about a week. A good 5 of that is probably all the water weight coming back though after stopping CKD. Anyways that's it for now. Stay tuned...

  6. That is some impressive weight gain man! Congrats on your success to this point
    Recoverbro Elite
    "This is what we've been working on"

  7. Ok guys I am having extreme pumps during my workouts. Leg day was bad with back cramps on Tuesday, but today's chest/arms workout took the cake. I got into my 2nd exercise and my shoulders were already feeling extremely pumped up to the point it was starting to hurt. By the time I got to my arms my shoulders (feels like the outside) hurt so bad I could not even do my sets as big as I would like. I kept putting the weights down about halfway through them. I ended up skipping Tri's and opted out for 6 sets of concentration curls so I could rest my arm on my knee. I knew this would probably come and have been taking 6g of taurine a day for starters. I bumped it up to 9g a day on Tuesday and added in 6pills of potassium (unsure of the mg at the moment). All I know is that ish was damn near crippling. Any thoughts on how to better remedy this situation? I am guessing more taurine, more potassium, and more water...

  8. I think I will try upping the dosage of Taurine pre workout. I'm thinking 4.5g about 30min prior to hitting the gym.

  9. in bro.nice work so far.yea def nip those bumps early


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