X-Tren expires? still good?

  1. X-Tren expires? still good?

    I have some X-Tren, P-Plex, and M-Drol on hand and was going to start a cycle around 5-1-11. I love X-Tren so I wanted to use it and looked at the expired date on the bottle and it says 3-11-11. I would just start the cycle right now, but Iím getting knee surgery in a couple weeks. So can I still take it 2 months after it expires and still get the full results? or should I just throw the bottles away and take the p-plex or m-drol or something? The p-plex and m-drol are good till 2012. I was looking for the best cycle to help me gain as much muscle and lean out and lose as much fat as possible. Figured tren was the best for that. But now that itís expired will something else be better? Thanks for the help guys.

  2. It should be fine. Expiration dates are labeled by manufacturers for marketing reasons, not actual expiration

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