Need help with Test Cyp. BLAST cycle!!

  1. Need help with Test Cyp. BLAST cycle!!

    I am currently doing prescribed Testim everyday to "maintain" testosterone levels of 550-750. From a previous script, I still have vials of testosterone cypionate that I want to use for blast cycles.

    How much Test Cyp. would you recommend "blasting" with, how long of a cycle, and how long should I allow between my last "blast" before going in for a testosterone test( I donít want my levels to be at a point where my Doc would "cut me off" when I go in).

  2. Wow, I thought we had some knowledgable folks on here? I guess I should have asked a question about Superdrol, Havoc, Halodrol, or what to stack with Superpump 250.......

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