Test E Cycle semi-log

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  1. You want updates eh? Heres and update for ya...

    Hell mother ****in yea!

  2. Today was a good day again. Weighed in at 200 again this morning. Weight has plateaued a bit but I know its because my appetite died a bit and I've been down under 3500/day. Past few days I really forced myself and Im back up to almost 4k, and still trying to push past that.

    Squats was my major focus today, very impressed with myself.


    I felt like my legs had more, but I got scared my knees didn't. I'm trying to keep from letting my muscles and the juice tell my brain to keep going.. at the risk of joint failure. I think I made the right choice because I do feel a sliiight bit of irritation in my left knee.

    Anyhow, I like the progress, and Im fighting a psychological game. Im seeing breakthroughs, at the same time I really think my muscles want more, but my head says its too much.

    How do you distinguish between the two..? Do you just go with your gut.. or do you just push it a little more. What a fine line man, one I do not want to **** up.

  3. Update. First day of the 5th week. Dropped dbol today, unfortunately. lol. Im changing my routine a bit. I used to use sundays as my day 1 of 2 days dedicated to legs. Now Im going to use sunday as a leg/chest/bi day. not a full workout on each of course. Still mostly legs, just cutting down a few excercises and adding in 1 or 2 chest and bi.

    I'm thinking of upping the test dosage from 500/wk to maybe 600/wk. If so I would up deca from 400 to 500/wk. What do you think?

  4. up test- i was on 750mgs ew and 400 mg deca

    make sure you got an ai on hand though, i got some gyno symptoms and had to address them with letro

    so yuh, looking good broski keep killing it
    Test e/dbol/epi/winnie

  5. Upped dose. 700/wk test e, 480/wk deca.

    Starting to feel like a beast in the gym. Still only up 10lbs but off dbol for a couple weeks so not bad considering some water weight lost. Cut way back on carbs also. Starting this week going back to full 4k diet. 500 carbs, 320 prot, 100 fat.

  6. Update to chest workouts. Im now up to 75lb dumbell press. I started at 55. I see alot of strength gains, I inclined bb at 200 x 5 which was incrementally reached starting at reps of 70 for warmup. I'm happy with the increases so far. I'll update during the week for all muscle groups

    One thing, I usually go to the gym and push like its the last day, everyday. Recently its seeming to take more out of me. Today I was completely wiped. lost appetite after the gym and everything. Couldnt eat. I mean I was drained.

    Should I ease up a bit? I'm thinking of drinking gatorade after the workout to get some electrolytes in me that I think might help with the feeling of fatigue. Any thoughts?


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