Preparing my spawn cycle

  1. Preparing my spawn cycle

    Building my spawn cycle
    I will be finishing my hdrol/11-sterone stack soon and i am ready to start planning a spawn cycle for April. Here are my thoughts, your suggestions are more than welcome. ....

    cel cycle assist for two weeks and continuing through the end of pct.

    Milti vitamin, omega 3, animal flex, taurine (3/day)
    Weeks 1-4 3caps/day

    Post cycle
    Weeks 1-4 Either nolva or clomid (I have both)
    Hardcore test
    Possibly lean xtreme week 3 until end of bottle.

    What do you guys think? Let's have it, thanks in advance.

  2. Anybody?

  3. Looks good. I'd extend the cycle if you have enough caps... Or continue the epi or tren solo if you have a bottole for 2 weeks extra. I personay always believe people should run their serm 6 weeks as it doesn't cost much more.

    Have you ran tren before? Alot of people get the gyno from it so don't forget to check may e once a week.

  4. No, I've never run Tren. If I get signs of gyno should inhit the nolva and if so, how much? I've only done hdrol. I can probably get a bottle of epi. If I go two more weeks what should I dose that at? Ive got some other options as well. I have alpha one, Mdrol and more hdrol it's just that my spawn expires 02/11.

  5. They go way past the exp date. I'm only concerned maybe 2 years past. Tren has been known to treat people rough on sides. Others are fine, spawn is definetly a step up in terms of compound, though alpha and mdrol are also harsh as well. I'm not honestly sure if nolva will knock out gyno from tren since it's caused by prolactin. Usually an AI is the best best if gyno shows from tren, actually caber as it addresses the problem of tren. However the prolactin gyno may only be from injectable tren not ph tren I don't remember and you should check on that first. I would do some research on gyno from tren just to be Safe as I hae never ran it.

    Most cases nolva does work the best though as AIs are bad for you lipids. As far as the epi goes most people run 30-50mg. I'd prob run the epi one week before at 40, 4 weeks spawn, 1 week at 40-50mg than 6 weeks clomid.

  6. Can you recommend any specific products that I could purchase as a PCT after a Spawn cycle? I was going to take Erase and Testpro... What do you guys think?

  7. for some basic anti gyno natty stuff grab a bottle of Vitex, P5P, L-Dopa. If case anything goes wrong hop onto the clomid ASAP

    I dont see much cycle support?? N2Gaurd, Life support, etc would be nice. Id be taking 7-9 caps of fish oil a day while ON.


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