Hdrol/11-sterone cycle please help me fine tune.

  1. Hdrol/11-sterone cycle please help me fine tune.

    I am going to be starting this cycle in two weeks and I am looking for some advice. Here's my plan, please let me know what you guys think. more? less? Also, I will be taking the ph's three times a day (morning, lunch, dinner). When should I take the assist? bottle says 4-5 hrs before/after ph but thats kind of impossible while taking ph three times a day.
    SERM? Im a little confused about that.

    daily (before, during, after)
    multi vitamin, omega3, glutamine

    pre-cycle-10 days of cycle assist (cel) and milk thistle

    during cycle
    h-drol 50/75/75/75/75/75
    11-sterone 300/450/450/450/450/450
    cycle assist (cel) /milk thistle and a clean diet.

    post cycle
    AI post cycle and inhibit-e

  2. no nolva or anything during pct? how did it go? im aboutto do the same cycle but tyring to buy everything before i start... so really just trying to figure out my pct

  3. actually after i posted this i did a lot more research and found that a serm was a must. i used nolva and ai post cycle support. i had a good post cycle and kept most of my gains. the only neg side was that i had headaches everyday for the first two weeks of nolva. once i dropped it down to 10mg they went away. good luck and i recommend having a serm prior to even starting your cycle.

  4. any good sites to get nolva off of?

  5. Google is your best friend. You can't ask that on this site, sorry. Google is all I can tell u.

  6. how did u base out your doses for the h-drol and the 11-oxo throughout the day?

  7. o and how did you take the nolva on your pct?

  8. i took hdrol & sterone 6am/2pm/10pm because i took cycle assist at 10am/6pm.
    assist is supposed to be taken 4 hrs before or after ph. i took nolva 20/20/10/10 first thing in the morning. i would recommend taking it before bed though because of the headaches.


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