Is Cycle Support necessary on a pulse

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    I was originally planning on running a 4 week cycle of Epi but have now decided to go the pulsing route. I bought a bottle of cycle support for 45 bucks and I was wondering if I should use it during my off days or just take it back. I read some threads saying it was not necessary on a pulse and some saying to use it for off days. If my 45 bucks would be better spent on a test booster for pct or maybe something else I would like to know now while I still have time to return it. Thanks.

  2. yes you should still run supports.

  3. Id still run the cycle assist daily man. It will only help you and be good for your overall health while offering that added protection. Your still going to need a testbooster of some sorts in PCT. If money's tight id hold off a bit until you got the money for everything. I say that because its not cheap to run an effective cycle and PCT not just supplements but food as well. It would suck to half ass it and then not achieve or retain the gains you hoped for and have wasted your money. Whats your cycle and pct you have planned look like man?

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