2nd Cycle Options

  1. 2nd Cycle Options

    I am going on my second cycle, Due to work I have taken 12 weeks off from lifting. I will be lifting for 4 weeks to get back my base... Then I plan to take an Injectable. Perhaps test 500 & dbol...

    My first cycle was tren oral 8 weeks. I did nolva for PCT. I was shooting for 12 weeks but my bloood pressure spiked and i was getting severe bloody noses. So I stopped at 8 I got nervous...

    Am I safe for this being my second cycle... I want to get my strength back as fast as possible. I have never used injectables...


  2. yes test and dbol is a great cycle, but i suggest getting about into the gym 6-8 weeks naturally before running the cycle

  3. Ya allow more time for muscle memory to kick in.

  4. will do thanks guys.. I may wait til december.. I hate this though getting back what I had is depressing.

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