Hi all....I'm currently running a sus250 10 week cycle 2mil per week in 2 shots, I'm at the end of my 7th week and was thinking about adding some stanozol in to the mix wot do u think? If its a good idea when should I add it in and at what dosages and for how long?

I'm 24, 190cm, 233lbs and about 12% body fat.

This is my 1st cycle and so far just with the sus I have noticed big strength gains and I have put on 15lbs most of that seems to be lean muscle and some body fat. I was thinking of adding the stana in at the end of the cycle to help cut up, harden up and loose some of the extra bf I gained around my abdomen.

Or another option could be to add some clen as I have that in gel form or I could do both what do u recon?

Any info would be great...Thanks