Dry Muscle Gain Cycle Advisary

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    Dry Muscle Gain Cycle Advisary

    Hi, I am trying to decide what I should take for the best ideal cycle. Ive been recommended that i should run Halodrol and Epistane. My goal is to produce dry, lean muscle gains, increase endurance, and cut up w/out throwing on more than 15lbs. Ive been told that BOLD helps with endurance, so would a stack be necessary or appropriate? Advise Please! Thanks

  2. Run a 6 week H-Drol cycle for lean dry gains. How old are you and how much do you weigh? Do you have experience?

  3. Pretty sure those are both meth. Tren. Standrol. 11sterome. Are all non meths are would well for a cut stack with epi

  4. How about this:
    H-Drol Weeks 1-6
    D-Plex Weeks 1-4
    11-Sterone Weeks 1-6
    Cycle Assist Weeks 1-8
    Liver Assist Weeks 1-8
    Inhibit-E Weeks 8-12
    (I'm a SERIOUS Competitive Edge Labs Fan! SERIOUS!)
    PCT Nolva 40/40/20/20 *Do a search for Dr. D's PCT (Good read!)
    I like to always have Adex on hand when doing any cycle! I don't care if it's wet or dry or bulk or cut! Better safe than sorry!
    This mostly depends on your age, experience, history, etc, but I'm throwing this out there in hopes that you have some idea of what you're doing. Also, your diet is going to be the largest factor in reaching your goal!
    PS This is just a basic outline! You'll want Fish Oil, etc too.

  5. Drop the d plex it's a meth. Run stanodrol or tren. Add some supress c into your pct at day 14

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    Quote Originally Posted by gymrat827 View Post
    Drop the d plex it's a meth. Run stanodrol or tren. Add some supress c into your pct at day 14
    I like this! I'd personally throw in the Stano-Drol. Good call sir!

  7. Dose the stanodrol pretty high as it is a weaker compound


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