ph's to jumpstart a good idea?

  1. ph's to jumpstart a good idea?

    Quick quesion...I've been contemplating a halo cycle, got my pct, and just recently my diet in check. I wanted to ask if doing a cycle to jumpstart is a good Idea, or should I wait a couple months and add em to a better trained body. What are our thoughts on this? I know the halo will ignite my fire, but shouldni add em to an already strong burninfire? All comments, remarks, critism encouraged. The mental aspect of being may be enough to get me going...who wants to sit around when you know you're "on" help a fellow AMer out. Thanks-Tony

  2. Save it. If you take it now I think it would be a waste when you could be making the same gains naturally. Wait until you've come close to your genetic potential.

  3. I hear what your saying, but this won't be my first rodeo, did an sdrol cycle last year.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Massiah View Post
    I hear what your saying, but this won't be my first rodeo, did an sdrol cycle last year.
    if youve ran sd why would you contemplate halo?
    halo takes about 3 weeks to kick in so 4 weeks wouldnt get you very much.
    i think it would be better if you used epi

  5. I'm thinkin of running a methylated ph ana a non methylated. I went [email protected] deep my first cycle after much research w/sdrol. Kinda wish id started lighter, but oh well. I know most say work up to SD, its been about 8 months, so I'm thinkin my body is back to "normal" what is a good compliment to halo? I have estane, pplex. Kinda undecided right now. I'm startin my cycle support, and liver support now, got a batch of nolva coming in, so just setting the table. My diet is cleaned up, and my workouts are going good. Can't wait, but till then, more research, rest, food and iron. Thanks-tony

  6. Your 194lbs and 5' 5" your a ****ing beast... Unless your 16+% bodyfat I dont think I could really tell you to wait that long ha.

  7. Since it isnt your first cycle I would start it now. Ive used haladrol several times while cutting, its great for keeping on muscle while on a low cal diet. For me anyways.


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