Looking for suggestions/help

  1. Looking for suggestions/help

    I posted this in the wrong forum (supplement/review) and need a good idea of "suggested" dosing vs. listed dosing for this stack.


    Please help with logical/sound comments please.

    37 years old, no physiological issues (liver, heart etc). Looking for the best way and dosage to stack following products:

    Current thoughts

    Pre: Gas. Nutr. Plasma Jet (10 two hrs. B4)
    Pre (30 minute B4): Monster Pump (with 2 Kre-Alkalyn caps added)
    Pre: Sprt. 1: 17-Diol (as labeled)
    Pre: Sprt. 1: Methyl-Halobolin (as labeled)
    Pre: Panthera Lbs: Primaldrol 4k (as labled)

    Post: Monster Milk (and Kre-Akalyn cap added)

    Vit. D

    and if it walks, swims or flys....kill it and eat it! (along with carbs/fat of course)

    Thoughts on dosage, weekly increases?

    I will be doing this once and then taking 6 weeks off on a PCT stack of some kind.


  2. save the creatine for PCT. You shouldnt need it on cycle. I am not familiar with the compounds your talking about so I cant comment.

  3. Gaspari Plasma Jet

    Sports One 17-Diol:

    Sports One Methyl-Halobolin:

    Panthera Labs Primadrol 4000:

    I can't post links as a newbie. Hopefully everything SOMEone as has heard of these as this site has amazing information on virtually every know man made supplement.

    I am not BB but strength/sports training for explosive Rate of Force development (which is why the pH stable creatine is in my workout stack)....the muscle size/hardness/cuts/etc....is a bonus.

    Thanks AM nation for any help on these supplements, their anabolic tendencies and dosage/cycle suggestions.


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