Hello guys,

I've been looking through this forum for about a month now. People here
seem to be extremly knowledgable about BB in general and about various
bulking/cutting cycles. So, I've decided to post some info about myself:

24yrs - 210 lb - 5ft 9in - 16% to 18% BF (not sure, will get calliper and
post exact specs later) - started lifting at 16 (on & off, to be frank
mostly off)

6 month ago looked in a mirror & got scared : -), since then started going to
the gym and have a good diet. Got e****lent results bulking wise, however
need to slim down for summer.

I'm getting ready to lose some bodyfat (while hopefully maintaining the
muscle mass) and came up with an exercise/diet/supplement plan, however I
would love to get some opinions before I start.

It will be a 6 week cycle, goal is to lose 4% BF.

Mon - 15 min cardio; 45 min - back, biceps & forearm weight training
Tue - 45 min cardio
Wed - 15 min cardio; 45 min - chest, triceps & shoulders weight training
Thu - 45 min cardio
Fri - 15 min cardio; 45 min - legs & abs weighttraining
Sat or Sun - 45 min cardio


7:30am - oatmeal bar + yogurt = approx 350 cal
9:45am - apple or bananna = approx 100 cal
12:15pm - lunch (hard to plan here, so i'll just attempt to eat healthy) =
no more than 800 cal
3:30pm - protein shake (69 grams of protein) = approx 350 cal (1hr & half
before the workout)
6:30pm - protein shake (30-35gr of protein) + sugar (juice?) = approx 350
cal (right after the workout)
9:15pm - salmon + mashed potatos or corn or rice or similar = approx 600 cal

At least 200 grams of protein per day
Total: 2250 cal.


1 wk: Jump start w/ ECA, Multi-Vit, CLA, L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX

2-3wk: 25mcg Cytomel, 150mcg Clen, 30 mg Yohim. Hcl, Multi-Vit, CLA,
L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX

4-6wk: ECA, SAN T3, Multi-Vit, CLA, L-Tyrosine, V12 Turbo, OX, Vinpocetine
(for mood, continue for a month or two)

Well, that is it. Sorry for a lengthy first post, but I would really
appreciate you help. Feel free to comment on anything, no offense will be
taken. Once started, I'll post my progress log, with pics.