Anavar and Winstol Cycle

  1. Anavar and Winstol Cycle

    12% bf
    22 years old
    2nd cycle

    Heres what i'm running:
    week 1: 40mg var
    week 2: 40mg var
    week 3: 60mg var
    week 4: 60mg var 50mg winny
    week 5: 60mg var 50mg winny
    week 6: 80mg var 50mg winny
    week 7: 80mg var 50mg winny

    Supps i'm running with it:
    1000mg milkthistle 2x ed
    450mg saw palmetto ed
    100mg B6 ed
    600mg red yeast rice ed
    100mg CoQ-10
    1500mg glucosamine 2x ed
    Liveraid 2x ed

    PCT: Nolvadex

    This cycle is tabs only and i'm already 3 weeks deep. I'm not trying to get flamed or anything just want to know if i'm gonna be alright when this is said and done and if there's any supps i should add. I don't wanna mess with test just going for the lean and athletic look. Diet is in check and i workout 6x a week and hit cardio 4x a week. Also wondering if the nolvadex alone is gonna be alright for a pct and what dose / time i should run that. Thanks

  2. TJM5054
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    Always should have test as a base I heard. You can get lean athletic look with test (especially prop), its all about diet.

  3. I really don't want to add test, I'm very prone to acne especially on my back which I hate. Any other supporting supps I should add?

  4. Do you think I really need to run the nolva for 6 weeks for a 7 week cycle? And is 50 mg of clomid enough? I usually start with atleast 150 mg on the first day and then taper down. Please help I start my pct tomorrow!!

  5. looks fine man. as for a test base....not everyone NEEDS it, so dont sweat it. id run those supps through PCT as well.

    20mg Nolva for 4 weeks or 50mg clomid for 4 weeks is plenty for PCT

  6. Should I run nolva AND clomid or just one? I have both

  7. Quote Originally Posted by riptomse View Post
    Should I run nolva AND clomid or just one? I have both
    either or, whichever you prefer
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  8. What are the pros and cons of taking both?

  9. Bump. I just started my second week of 50mg clomid and 20mg nolva ed. I think the clomid is giving me some acne on my back. When ever I get acne on my back intake Doxycycline (an antibiotic for acne on the back) and it usually clears right up. Is it bad to take an antibiotic while on my PCT?

  10. My left nipple is also bothering me today. It's not swollen and does not have anything hard under it but it's very itchy and when I squeeze it I am producing a very small amount of lactate. Any suggestions please?

  11. there is no reason to take both. And anything above 75mg of clomid will make you feel like a bitch.

    I also think your kind of young but i dont think my advice is going to steer you away from running it.

    Get some hawthorne berry for you BP, next you dont have any fish/flax,CLA or any healthy fats in there. Unless you eat fish 3-4 days a week I would get a omega 3-6-9 complex. Third, you dont have any joint support listed, that will be an issue. Especially in PCT. 4th, save the clomid and get some AI or CEL PCT support/assist along with your nolva. Creatine would be good too to hold strength gains. Maybe some reduce XT/supress C??

  12. So did u feel any los of libido????
    I was thinking of doing anavar and boldenone cycle but I am scared of loosing libido....


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