Help me decide my next cycle

  1. Help me decide my next cycle

    Hi im having trouble deciding my next cycle
    30 years old
    181 lbs
    8 years lifting
    prior experience with PH

    I have 2 bags of PP Tren tabs, 4 bottles of P-mag, 2 Bottles of H-drol, and 3 Bottles of EQ Plex.My goals are mainly lean and easy to maintain gains

    Cycle 1- 100mg Tren for 6 weeks

    Cycle 2- 75 mg Tren 6 weeks+H-drol 75 mg

    Cycle 3- eq plex 800mg+ P-mag 75mg for 6 weeks

    I have never tryd Tren Before, I have PCT and support on cycle support on hand, not new to this so I know the deal, just cant decide on the right cycle any inpiu guys?

  2. cycle 2 in opinion will definitely help you meet your goals, just make sure you have a serm available, and the proper support/pct supps. cause shut down is inevitable with that tren. i dig your stash by the way. fish oil, creatine and protein and your good money. that tren is going to dry you up so don't forget to drink plenty of water. no less than a gallon a day

  3. I just finished my cycle of hdrol which was 50/50/50/75/75/100. I would choose cycle number 2 because of the hdrol alone. My only problem is that tren makes me blow up like a his with bloat. Other then that i love tren.

  4. constantly monitor your nips bro! Have a Serm ready cause Tren is a funky compound!!!!!!

  5. Yea thats what I keep hearing about tren im pretty reluctant about running tren, so many horrror stories. Then again there are many M1T Horror stories also, the only problem I had with M1T was of course my liver values got really elevated even with support supps.

    I really want to try tren but im beginning to puss out haha, thinkn of the p-mag and eq stack maybe

  6. Any other suggsestions out there?

    Im starting to lean more towards the Pmag and EQ-plex\

    or maybe even hdrol and eqplex, like i said I want decent easy to maintain gains and also looking to lean up a lil more

  7. The only thing about eq-plex is I hear it increases your appetite a ton. I might be wrong, never tried it. You would see some pretty good strength gains with cycle 2. I've tried hdrol and x-tren solo and loved both compounds. That will more then likely be my next cycle to get ripped for the summer.

    If youre worried about the "tren" sides then make sure you load up on hawthorn berry for blood pressure and get something like p5p or some l-dopa for prolactin gyno.


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