Review my 6 week LBM Cycle

  1. Review my 6 week LBM Cycle

    Planning a cycle starting in june that will be a Lbm cutting cycle
    I plan to use dermacrine as a test base combined with Winstrol and Clen.

    Week 1 Week2 Week3 Week4 Week5 Week6
    Winstrol Winstrol Winstrol Winstrol Winstrol Winstrol
    40mg/day 50mg/day 50mg/day 50mg/day 50mg/day 40mg/day

    Week1-2 clen ramped up and down
    weeks 3-4 break from clen
    weeks 5-6 clen ramped up and down

    weeks 1-6 Dermacrine suggested use of 1-2mL per day

  2. Oh and for Pct i plan on just using nolva 40/40/20/20
    also wanting to use a Liver protectant during pct.

  3. The original post looks confusing. Basically ill be running Dermacrine + Winstrol for 6 weeks.
    Along with clen the first 2 weeks and last 2 weeks of cycle.

  4. If you're going to used a banned substance like winstrol, why don't you just pin? It would be much more effective.

    And specify the doses of your clen please. It would help.

  5. I am only able to get ahold of winstrol, not Test E to go along with it so i figured using dermacrine along with it is alot better than doing it solo.

    The clen would start at 20mcg/ 40/60/80/100/100/120/100/80/80/60/60/40/20
    2 weeks, 2 weeks off, then 2 weeks on for last 2 weeks.


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