Testosterone Cyp/HCG treatment/PCT

  1. Unhappy Testosterone Cyp/HCG treatment/PCT

    Hello all, i hope someone can help me out with a few questions i have in regard to my current cycle. I have been using test cyp w/ 0.5mg(eod) anastrozole and i am coming down to my last shot. Unfortunately, i did not receive my HCG until this week and have heard that it is not good to administer HCG after a cycle but only during. I also have 50 Tamoxifen Citrate (20mg) pills and plan to use them during the off-cycle period. So, i guess my question is..How should i administer the HCG, before/after i use my tamoxifen?

    I have experienced testicular atrophy and would like to regain my "boys" size if at all possible but do not want it to conflict with the off cycle therapy using the tamoxifen.

    I have also experienced slight breast tissue (very mild, not noticeable unless touched) behind each nipple, but this is nothing new and have experienced it before, knowing that i tends to go away after my levels reach there equilibrium. So, since HCG increases estrogen=gyno, how would i go about taking my hcg? Could i still use the Arimidex during ?

    I put most of the information on top of my head out there, hopefully someone can help me with my situation i am in at the moment.

  2. Run 500IU HCG 2 times per week or EOD until start of PCT with use of Adex .5mg EOD until PCT IMO. How bad is the atrophy and how much weight have you gained seeing that your profile only says 155..

  3. K. i wouldnt know how to rate the severity of the testicular atrophy but in a nut shell, my balls seem half the size lol and im sure my girl can tell since she thinks they must always be cold or something lol. Im only 23 yrs old and weigh 165, showing gains of about 20lbs approx. from the cyp. w/ 5-6% body fat, and seem pretty damn strong for my build. (3) sets of 8 Reps of 225 w/o a spot (flat bench) for me is good enough heh. Im not huge standing at a height of 5' 9" so going beyond 160-165 lbs looks beastly and way too unnatural for me to get away with. Unfortunately, i am going to school and taking in more that 4-5k cal. is out of the question, since i dont have the finance. I was thinking of starting the nolvadex 18-23 days after last shot of my cyp., is this accurate? If so and understanding my genetic build, with the current side effects, how should i run the nolva (20mg). 20/20/10/10/10 etc or 40/20/20/20...

    thanks again

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