Poll: What to run first

First Cycle: What to Run?

  1. First Cycle: What to Run?

    I'm getting ready to run my first cycle in the next month or so, but I'm not sure what I should start with. I've stocked up 2 bottles of H-drol and a bottle of Havoc. I was planning on running the H-drol first since it's mildest, but I want to put on some mass during my first cycle, then cut/recomp when I do the second. If I end up doing the Havoc, I'm not sure if I should pulse or run a normal 4 week cycle. Vote!

  2. Start off with H-drol, and eat right...

    Don't waste a cycle to cut or recomp. That's just my .02, but they are better for purely adding size/bulking

  3. Ehh def not the pulse. When/if u decide to pulse u r supposed to use higher doses than normal.

  4. I vote a 5-6wk h-drol cycle
    Milk thistle and liv. 52
    Fish oil
    Hawthorne Berry
    Clomid for PCT 75/50/50/25

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