Stack While on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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    Stack While on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

    I am currently undergoing test replacement therapy. I am your average guy looking to make the most of what this treatment has to offer. What else would be good to stack with this to get the most gains? Any suggestions?

  2. im currently on trt here in the Uk and it has been suggested to run something very mild like bold or eq-plex to me but ive never gone ahead. My reasons? -well im closely monitored ie i have test levels checked periodically, have a liver function test , thyroid test and full blood counT So i dont want to do something which will reflect in these tests.I just dont know enough about any otc steroid to take that risk.
    So think very carefully before you go ahead.

    If you knew when similar tests were going to be scheduled for you , then i suppose you could plan ahead and make sure the otc steroid was out your system but wahat you wont know , is whether its made an impact on your blood count , or liver function test until theyve been done.

    Here in the Uk , we are not checked for levels of estrogen unless there is a medical condition as a result of the test replacement .I did ask for the levels of e2 to be checked and i know that for a few weeks following a test injection , the e2 is high but falls back into line as the weeks go by. So its this area i am concentrating on by taking 50mg of 6 bromo eod.Maybe thats your way forward but its all down to you.

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