Candle25's Test E/Dbol Buking Cyle #2

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  1. Day 110

    Weight: 181.5

    Todays Diet:

    I feel like Sh!t this week! I think I might have picked up some germs in Detroit or Chicago last weekend. I pushed through a weak wo today just the same. I'm in light week so I have no heavy lifts to report. I started back on Clen a few days ago. I'm counting the days till I start my next cut cycle on Sept 1st.

  2. This is a great log. I have one question though. At the beginning of the cycle you weighted 178.5 lbs and now you weigh 181.5 lbs. Even thought you gained a good bit while on, do you feel that you lost most your gains when you came off? Or do you think you gained muscle but lost body fat and that is why the weight is not much different now?

    On my first cycle of sust 600mg/wk and var 50mg/day, i didn't gain any weight but i didn't lose any either even though my diet was dead the whole time i was on and i was eating approximately 2 meals less per day than usual. However, i notice that even thought my weight didn't change, i got bigger. my pct consisted of nolva 40mg for 2 weeks, 20mg for 2 weeks, and in the first 2 weeks i lost 8 lbs. When i started pct, i actually started eating my usual 6-7 meals/day and still lost that weight. I was leaner and strength did not diminish much but i noticed overall size decreased quite a bit.

  3. I hope that's the case. I haven't done the math but I know I look better than when I started the cycle. I hope to have good results with my next cut.


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