Candle25's Test E/Dbol Buking Cyle #2

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  1. Day 80

    Weight: 191.5

    Today's Diet:

    I'm a few days off cycle now. The gyno is almost gone. I still feel the lump under my right nipple though. My strength is still way up. The lethargy from dbol has been replaced with the jitteryness of clen. The acne is also dissipating. I'll calculate tomorrow how much LBM I gained. The following is my PCT overview. I'm still using the plan I outlined on page 1.


    Squats 4set @ 20,15,10,8
    Hack Squats 3set @ 12,12,10
    Leg Ext 2set @ 9,9
    Leg Curls 3set @ 15,10,8
    SLDL 3set @ 8,8,8
    Crunches 3set 25,25,25

    Flat Bench Press 4set @ 10,10,8,6
    Incline Bench Press 3set @ 8,8,6
    Weighted Dips 3set @ 10,10,10
    Close Grip Bench Press 3set @ 8,8,8
    Skullcrushers 3set @ 8,8,8


    Dead Lifts 3set @ 15,10,8
    Bent Rows 3set @ 8,8,8
    Pullups 3set @ 10,8,8
    Lat Dips 3set @ 8,8,8
    Curls 3set @ 8,8,8
    Rev Curls 3set @ 8,8,8
    Forearm Curls 2set @ 20,18
    Rev Forearm 2set @ 2

    Military Press 3set @ 8,8,8
    Side Lats 3set @ 8,8,8
    Rear Lats 3set @ 8,8,8
    Shrugs 3set @ 20,15,15
    Upright Rows 3set @ 8,8,8
    Calf Raise Standing 3set @ 20,20,20
    Calf Raise Hack 3set @ 20,20,20
    Neck Machine 3set (front & back) 10,8,8
    Crunches 3set @ 25,25,25



    * I will be alternating powerlifting and bodybuilding the same as during my bulk.

    Calorie breakdown: 35P/35C/30F training days & 40P/30C/30F off days. I will be dropping 250 cal every 11 days so that I will be eating 3000 cals/day by 10/5 when I start my cut.

    Carbs will be eaten mostly before 2PM and around wo. The rest will be protein & fat.

    ON Whey protein (post wo)
    Dextrose (post wo)
    EAA's (post wo)
    Vit C (throughout day, pre, & post wo)
    B complex (lunch)
    Multi Vit (breakfast)
    Creatine (post wo)


    *Will eneter soon

    Bench: 255
    Squat: 435
    DL: 500
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  2. Day 81

    Weight: 190

    Todays diet:

    Today was a great wo. I did DB flat bench with 110 lb DB's. My weight is dropping off quick, but it is only water bloat I hope. I had my fat checked today...12.1%!!! I'll live. So here is the breakdown on the bulk cycle:

    Start weight: 178.5lbs @ 9.2% BF = 162.078lbs LBM
    End weight: 190 @ 12.1% BF = 167.01lbs LBM

    That realy sucks! Only a 5lb gain overall. My lifts are way up though so I have def gotten stronger. I'm thinking that when I had my fat checked, the guy made an error. I'll attach a pic for you to guess what my BF is.
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  3. I believe those are veins I see in your abdomen. I don't think you could see veins at 12%. Though I am just guessing.

  4. Definitely look lower than 12%... I would bet my life on that. You're still ripped, don't sweat it

  5. Yeah bro you're definately lower than 12%. With your knowledge, I cant see you only gaining 5 lean lbs on the cycle you just finished...

  6. If the "lump" continues to be a problem, then try aggressive nolvadex treatment.

    I rarely comment on BF% b/c I did testing in a human performance lab and witnessed/tested that bf% cannot simply be judged by looking at someone. People carry fat different and body shape makes some look higher and others lower. With that being said, you are definitely below 12% and I would estimate sub 10%.

    Excellent log and great progress.

  7. Jimmy 4: You are correct. That is veins in my abs. I wasn't even pumped in that pic. I was flexed though.

    The Usual & Big V: I'm not concerned with what level of fat I'm at in regards to appearance. I know I can shred fat easily. It is the fact that I jusy gave my all to a 12 week cycle and if the fat assay is correct I gained very little. However, I strongly feel that the assy was wrong. So I'm not sweating it...

    Size: The "lump" is dissipating slowly. I have 1.5 weeks left of HCG then I'll be stricly of all anabolics. I have been using 40mg Nolva/day for several days now. I can see it is helping. Am I correct in assuming that the "lump" will completely go away?

    Thanks for the encouragement on the log everyone. I'll keep you updated clear up to my next cut in Oct. The updates might be less frequent because all I'm doing is trying to keep what I've gained. I will keep you informed though.

  8. Day 83

    *This is yesterdays data

    Weight: 189

    Todays diet:

    My strength hasn't left me yet. I got 500 on DLs with very little problem. I look much different though. All the bloat has left me. Since I'm treating gyno with Nolva that is pushing more water out too. If this keeps up I wont have to cut in Oct at I might just do another bulk with a better cycle. I'll decide as that time approaches.

    Acne is still somewhat an issue on my back and delts. I treat it twice/day with a good astregent. It helps but the stuff doesn't realy go away. As far as libido goes...what is sex again? I have no peoblem performing when prompted to, but the urge for it on my own has totaly left me.

    I'm leaving out for Panama City Beach in a few hours. I expect that my diet will go to hell somewhat. I travel alot and am used to eating abroad, so it might not be too bad though. I will not be drinking for sure! I don't need any more estrogen

  9. Day 84

    Weight: 185

    Today's Diet:

    Today at the gym sucked! I was weak as hell. Prob all the bad diet in PC. I was working all day and night every day so I couldn't eat right. When I say work, I mean clubing and It really is hard sometimes though. OK, whatever... I'm tired so I g2g.

  10. Day 88

    Weight: 186.5

    Todays Diet: Tentative (Traveling)

    Well, after 2 weeks of heavy Nolva all traces of the gyno are gone....whew! Now I'm starting the real PCT. I ended the HCG this past week. I had my 300mg Clomid + 20mg Nolva this morn followed by my last clen dose. It is all homebrewed so it was like a shot of 190 That will def wake you up first thing in the morning.

    My strength has started to decrease somewhat. I have the same initial strength but wear down easier. Not as much stamina. The libido comes and goes. I'm staying rather active to help prompt things into normal working order. The acne is going away nicely, but I still have more than I care for on my back and delts. I have a photoshoot today and I have a bump on each cheek....grrrr. .

    My body composition is changing as well. I'm really losing water and thus size. In most pics I see of myself I look just fine, but I can see a difference.

    Anyhow, I'm off to ATL...

  11. Day 91

    Weight: 183.5

    Todays Diet:

    Todays wo was pretty good. I had to skip Mon & Tues because I was in ATL and was totaly worn out. I did chest and Tris today. It is heavy week and I was able to push my max with no more trouble than normal.

  12. Day 100

    Weight: 185

    Today's diet:

    I haven't written in a little while. I've been too busy. My weight seems to have leveled out here. Not too bad. WO's are still going well. I have lost some strength though. Libido is still

  13. Hey Candle, thanks for keeping such a kick ass thread for this cycle. This will definitely help when I'm ready to go. I say next time you go for an all out "dirty" bulk. You cut way too easy (damn you!). Unless you need to keep in certain shape for your modeling. Good discipline throughout.

  14. Thanks bro. I haven't been on the boards much lately. I've been travelling a lot. I did a "dirty" bulk on my first bulk. I hated how I I gained hella weight though. I was up to 18% BF!!! You guessed it though, I have to stay in relitivly good shape because of what I do. So well planned programs all the way.

  15. Day 106

    Weight: 184

    I don't have time to work up my diet right now. I leave for Chicago soon. Things are going well. Libido is still low. Acne is almost gone. I can tell my natural test is building back up. I've had a renewed stamina in the gym lately. I end all AE's today. I'll be starting clen again mon. Here is a recent pic so you can see what I'm looking like now. My BF% was checked at 9.7%. I think that sounds a little high, but oh
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  16. Day 110

    Weight: 181.5

    Todays Diet:

    I feel like Sh!t this week! I think I might have picked up some germs in Detroit or Chicago last weekend. I pushed through a weak wo today just the same. I'm in light week so I have no heavy lifts to report. I started back on Clen a few days ago. I'm counting the days till I start my next cut cycle on Sept 1st.

  17. This is a great log. I have one question though. At the beginning of the cycle you weighted 178.5 lbs and now you weigh 181.5 lbs. Even thought you gained a good bit while on, do you feel that you lost most your gains when you came off? Or do you think you gained muscle but lost body fat and that is why the weight is not much different now?

    On my first cycle of sust 600mg/wk and var 50mg/day, i didn't gain any weight but i didn't lose any either even though my diet was dead the whole time i was on and i was eating approximately 2 meals less per day than usual. However, i notice that even thought my weight didn't change, i got bigger. my pct consisted of nolva 40mg for 2 weeks, 20mg for 2 weeks, and in the first 2 weeks i lost 8 lbs. When i started pct, i actually started eating my usual 6-7 meals/day and still lost that weight. I was leaner and strength did not diminish much but i noticed overall size decreased quite a bit.

  18. I hope that's the case. I haven't done the math but I know I look better than when I started the cycle. I hope to have good results with my next cut.


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