Help on cycle need feedback

  1. Help on cycle need feedback

    I am thinking about running this cycle but I wanted to know what everyone thought first.

    500mg of Test E or C weeks 1-12
    400mg of EQ weeks 1-12
    30mg a day of Turinabol weeks 1-4
    50mg a day of winstrol weeks 8-12

    I have done a Tren/Eq/winni cycle before with some really good gains

    The PCT I did last time was
    Clomid 50/100/100/50
    Nolva 20/20/10/10

    what is Testosterone Undecanoate? and what is the difference between between Test U versus Cyp or Enath?

    my stats are i am 25 yrs old 6 5 280lbs around 15/16 % bf only have done 2 PH cycles and 2 steriod cycles been lifting for 6 years

  2. I haven't used Turinabol but, your test-e should run at least a week longer than the Eq and pct 2 weeks after the last test-e shot. You can run the winny a little longer and start your pct a day after your last dose since its out of your system quick. To me its a waist to start pct before the other stuff is close to out of your system. Also add some hcg.-Just my opinion and I hope you get a lot more input. Your doses look good although some might say to up the test dose.

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