My Methyl-1,4ADDiol Experience

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  1. I weighed in at 188 today. Which is about what I weighed at the start of this cycle... BUT I look lean as hell and way more defined then when I started the cycle. I am thinking I lost a ton of water weight while I was sick, so that may be what's happening, plus I'm pretty sure m14add made me retain quite a bit of water.

    Strength so far is the same (which is very suprising) as it was while I was on the cycle, maybe even up a bit. I had a great back workout today. Didn't take pictures this morning sorry, will take them tomorrow.

  2. How much cardio did you do and were you an a bulking diet? Its just that some people gain weight easily on a mild caloric increase.

  3. I didn't do any cardio, just light exercise on the weekends. Yes, I was on a bulking diet.



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