My Methyl-1,4ADDiol Experience

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  1. Day Twenty One:

    Weighed in a 194.2 this morning. Had a great leg workout. Achived a PR on squats this morning!! 365 for 4. I could have possibly done more, but I did not have a spotter.

    I am looking a little bloated. I am noticing some bloating in my face and in other areas. It is subtle, but noticeable. I look friggin huge though. I'm sure it will go away once I complete the cycle. 9 more days to go. I will take pictures then.

  2. Day Twenty Two:

    Weight this morning was 192. I dropped 2 lbs for some reason. I drank 1 beer last night, and woke up feeling pretty dehydrated. I couldn't imagine only 1 beer could cause me to lose 2 lbs, but I have no other explanation for it.

    Had a good shoulder workout, strength is up slightly. Did 175 x 6 for military press, which is a decent improvement (started out at 155 x 8).

  3. Day Twenty Five:

    Weight: 194

    It was my wife's bday this weekend so I did not have a chance to hit the gym, and my diet was not 100%. Suprisingly I hadn't lost much weight, and strength was up.

    I had arms today, and several of my lifts are up:

    115 x 5 for standing bicep curls (up from 95 x 8)
    115 x 10 for skullcrushers (up from 95 x 10)
    35 x 10 for incline alt db curls (up from 30 x 10)

    The cycle is almost over so I will be hitting the weights harder then ever this week, and make sure my diet is 100% perfect.

  4. Good Stuff man, I'm thinking your last 7 days will be your best. Everyone sees the strength gains after 15days... Gotta ask: are you prone to MPB, and have you seen hairloss so far?

  5. What's MPB? And no, I am not prone to hairloss, nor have I noticed any so far.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by ke0ki
    What's MPB? And no, I am not prone to hairloss, nor have I noticed any so far.

  7. Day Twenty Seven:

    Only a few days left. I think the m14add and the 1ad are really kicking in now. Weight this morning was 196!!! This is the most I've ever weighed, and the strongest I've ever been.

    Had a very good chest workout this morning. Strength is up on almost all exercises.

    Bench: 255 x 7 (From 235 x 8)

    Incline Bench: 200 x 8 (from 155 x 8) - this may look rather extreme, but I never have really pushed myself on incline bench like i have been doing because I never have a spotter, so this number is a bit skewed. Last week I was able to get 195 x 6, so I know that my strength is improving.

    I am going to do pct for 3 weeks, then take a break from androgens for a long time. I'm planning on bulking till late April / early May, then cutting for the entire summer.

  8. One thing I'd like to add is that the acne breakout I was experiencing towards the beginning of the cycle has cleared up. I believe it was caused by the initial fluctuation of hormones.

    As far as side effects, I am still experiencing increased libido, increased energy, and a little bloating.

    This is the most side effect-free cycle I've done yet. On 1ad/4ad I was lethargic all the time. On m1t I was lethargic & my muscles/joints ached so bad that it was hard to workout, and my libido was absolutely gone.

  9. Looks good Keoki.

    Totally understand about the spotter part. It's hard to push the envelope without one. I'm not even sure what my PR on bench would be because of this..buuut its just numbers.

    Looks like stacking a 1-test with M1-4diol might be the way to go. Perhaps a little 4AD as well? hmmmm

  10. 4ad could be added, but I'm not sure if it'd be needed. M14add seems to be alleviating the lethargy from 1ad, but then again I'm only at 300mg a day of 1ad.

  11. Good stuff Keoki

  12. Anything more to report?

  13. Well the cycle is over. On day 28, I got a very nasty stomach virus, and have been puking all day & night. I weighed myself and I have dropped to 187 I have not been able to keep any food down since yesterday, so my diet is horribly messed up and I'm very dehydrated. I could post pics, but it'd be pointless.

    So all in all the cycle was basically worthless.

    I would definetly recommend this cycle though, to any1 (over 21) who wants to experience moderate weight increase, with good strength gains, and very few side effects. This is without a doubt the most enjoyable cycle I have done so far.

  14. I actually made it into the gym this morning, and my weight was 190. My diet is back on track, and surprisingly, I haven't lost much strength at all. I will post pictures tomorrow morning just for the heck of it.

  15. Since I have started pct I have noticed some slight hairloss, which has never happened to me before, and increased acne, which I expected.

  16. I weighed in at 188 today. Which is about what I weighed at the start of this cycle... BUT I look lean as hell and way more defined then when I started the cycle. I am thinking I lost a ton of water weight while I was sick, so that may be what's happening, plus I'm pretty sure m14add made me retain quite a bit of water.

    Strength so far is the same (which is very suprising) as it was while I was on the cycle, maybe even up a bit. I had a great back workout today. Didn't take pictures this morning sorry, will take them tomorrow.

  17. How much cardio did you do and were you an a bulking diet? Its just that some people gain weight easily on a mild caloric increase.

  18. I didn't do any cardio, just light exercise on the weekends. Yes, I was on a bulking diet.


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