M1t And 4ad/ M5aa

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  1. Ok, just my .02, but everyone needs to stop giving the man a hard time about what he is and isn't willing to take. I see absolutely nothing wrong with his desire to stay completely above board in regards to whether what he takes is legal or not. He's in a position where his life, not to mention his career, could go completely down the ****ter if he's not careful about the 'supplements' he takes. Is it likely that he would get caught?...no, but that still might not justify the risk involved for him. Look, all I'm saying is that if you're unsure about the nolva don't use it, there are a lot of different options out there for you (6-oxo, PaCT, etc.). You already understand that they're not going to be as effective, but I seriously doubt you're going to be hypogonadal for the rest of your life if you don't use nolva. Anyways, thanks your cycle feedback and good luck with the rest of it.

  2. MarcusG, Sifu, whoever,
    OK, this will be my last post regarding this. I have nolva, I intended on taking nolva for PCT. To give a brief history, I've done a few illegal cycles while I've been in but I've had no problems until now. This is the first time they've questioned it which means they're watching my ass now. It doesn't show up on the standard piss test. It's a hormone test which is specifically for roids. Now, like I said, there is a problem because nolva is illegal so I have to deal with it as appropriate as possible.

    Jay12, thanks for the help and suggestions.

  3. Alright I missed the part where they suspected you of taking steroids. I thought you knew all along that nolva was illegal - so sorry bout that. I'm sure there are many military folks on this board who are using so maybe they can help. Is clomid illegal then?

  4. Weighed in today at 248lbs, 1lb loss since yesterday. That makes for 11lbs lost since last Friday (1 week). Did legs #2 today, went awesome once again. Gained another 10lbs on leg press, 30lbs on hack squat, and 20lbs on straight leg deadlifts. Awesome stuff, still feel great.

  5. I work in a lab in a military hospital. Our machines are not set up to test for any AAS. Any AAS test will have to be shipped out to a reference lab and costs a bit of money. What exactly did the "piss test people" say to you? Also I believe under UCMJ they need a reason to test you other than "That guy's pretty ****ing big.", like health problems, someone ratting on you, ect. I might be wrong. You might wanna talk to someone at JAG if you really think they're gonna test you, or have somebody else talk to them for you. And I really don't think nolva is that big of a deal, or they might not even test for it, but I could be wrong. I would not wanna use just 6oxo coming off your cycle, or any cycle for that matter. If you do have to use it, go for the bulk powder from Mike and some T-Gel. But I still think it's a bad idea to only use 6oxo.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    Also I believe under UCMJ they need a reason to test you other than "That guy's pretty ****ing big."
    lol sorry, I just thought that was hilarious. On another note, my first shirt has seen my bottles of clomid and nolvadex and I told him the truth... they didn't say anything *shrug*.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by surferdude26
    lol sorry, I just thought that was hilarious. On another note, my first shirt has seen my bottles of clomid and nolvadex and I told him the truth... they didn't say anything *shrug*.
    What's a "first shirt"? I used to be at Fort Sam Houston. Man I miss San Antonio.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by supersoldier
    What's a "first shirt"? I used to be at Fort Sam Houston. Man I miss San Antonio.
    First seargent haha, fort sam.. i bought my furniture there. Im stationed in lackland ATM. San antonio isn't bad... but apart from my other TDY assignments (colorado springs, landstuhl germany) I have to say that I have the grass is always greener on the other side effect. Because GOD i miss germany. But hey, at least im thankful i didnt get stuck in north dakota or somethin.

  9. They haven't said **** lately, so i'm starting to calm down. I got called in to the SgtMaj's office today, so I was expecting something, but it turned out to be nothing important. My captain basically told the piss test people to "**** off, this guy eats about 10lbs of protein a day, and works out about 2 hours a day, he's not doing anything illegal." So, he told me to chill out and keep doing what I'm doing. I agree that nolva shouldn't be that big of a deal, I'm sure I could maneuver my way out of it if it comes down to it. So, as for now, I'm still planning on the nolva with 6oxo to be safe. I've got about 1 week left to go on M5AA and so far I'm more than pleased with what I've seen.
  10. Been there......

    Went through all this **** 6-7 years ago.......was accused of taking steroids, the C.O. got NIS involved and they did a piss test for steroids, sent it to the Olympic Testing Lab at UCLA. Came back Positive for Nandralone metabolites. Two things that saved my ass.......first, SAVE all receipts from all the Prohormones you buy, if you ever have to "Prove" you are taking stuff you can show you have bought Legal, Over the counter (OTC) supplements/prohormones, even though some convert to "illegal" metabolites. Second, at the bottom of the Positive report, it stated "This metabolite can also be from the many legal substances containing 19-Nor" (not exact words, but very close). Supersoldier might be able to chime in on this but, every drug (legal and illegal) has a specific frequency that shows up on a Gas-Spectography (spelling) which identifies what it is, they aren't concerned with stuff like nolva, clomid, letro, as those are fairly common drugs and are not loaded in the "tested for" database unless specifically asked to test for, which again comes into play with the money. A Steroid test at the Olympic Drug Lab at UCLA, which is the West Coast Contracted lab for the entire Military, costs thousands of dollars for steroids only, each requested drug increases the cost, not many units want to spend extra money for ancillary drugs that they have no clue about anyway, let alone the standard steroid test cost. If it is negative, they just wasted thousands of dollars of unit funds that they can't get replaced and the Commanding Officer has to explain to someone up the chain (a General Officer), so they will want to be quite sure, whether it be solid probable cause or "proof" before they even request a test for steroids.

    I have been through quite a few "random" urinalysis while using clomid, letro and nolva, never a glitch. The random tests are similar to a diabetic doing a test for insulin levels, in the sense that it is a simple, LOW COST method, testing for a specific item(s). They test for the big 5 or 6 illegal things (Cocaine, PCP, LSD, Ecstacy, Crystal Meth/ICE) nothing else will even show up.

  11. gobig1,
    Thanks for the info. Damn, I feel a lot better now. I think I tossed the receipts but I'll hang on the bottles just in case that **** happens. Perhaps, if Sldge keeps a receipt database, he could send me an old receipt via email or something. I know it's not his problem or his responsibility but it would definately help. Sldge, if you're reading this, you'd be a lifesaver, and I will definately throw some money down on more of your "creations".

    As for today's workout, chest. Just got back about an hour ago. I've been taking it nice and slow on chest lately due to that injury I had a few months back, and I'd go ape**** if I tore it again. Regardless, strength has been consistently going up. Incline bench went up 10lbs from last week, hammer machine up 20lbs, upper and lower cable crossovers up 10lbs + 1 rep, and after the whole workout, I was able to bust out 20 dips. Didn't want to weigh in today because on weekends I use a different gym via different scale. But, the waist is down 1/4" since last week, and looks like the good measurements are starting to climb upward again so kudos to me. I'll post again Tuesday. Good luck to the Super Bowl wagerers out there.

  12. As a officer, I wouldn't say **** to any of my troops. I have worried about it myself at times, but everyone knows I takes supplements and work out like a maniac, and train in martial arts, so nothing has ever been said.

    I have been at my base for two years and I only know of one person getting popped. He was a firefighter but he definately didn't hide the fact of what he was doing, so they aren't looking for that stuff, just recreational drugs.

  13. 246lbs now but I think I'm lighter than that, felt a little bloated today for some reason. Anywayz, did legs #1 today, up 10lbs on squat and deadlift. Still feel great. But what else is new?

  14. Damn, this week has been too busy to catch up. Anywayz, I'm still holding at 246lbs and strength is going up more than previously. I'm not really sure how to explain it other than leaps and bounds. I'll measure this weekend after a day off and see how things are looking in that department. Almost done with the whole thing and when it's done, I'll post a before and after lifts.

  15. Legs #2 today. Today's workout wasn't too impressive but I think that's mainly because of my sleep schedule the past couple of days. Getting ready for deployment takes a lot of time. Leg presses stayed the same, hack squats up 10lbs, straight leg deadlifts up 10lbs, leg curls up 2 reps. Still holding at 246lbs bodyweight.

  16. Chest was today, went fairly well. Up 10lbs on incline bench, up 20lbs on hammer press, up 10lbs on incline cable crossovers, and 4 more dips than last week. Tommorrow will be measuring day.

  17. Have you noticed anymore striatations or being more cut? Notice increased vascularity? Just trying to get any idea of the overall effect m5aa has on the physical appearance. I'm impressed with the strength gains you have been getting.. seems to be going up every single day, single week. Keep us updated

    Also, i noticed your consuming ~3000 cals while on m1t/4ad before the m5aa. Has your diet changed since? What are your goals with this cycle? Thanks man.

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  18. Striations, no, not really. If I cut my diet down more, I probably would have but it's still late winter so I'm not too anxious for that. Vascularity has become more obvious, especially in my chest and forearms. My diet did make a few slight adjustments. I raised my protein intake up to about 500-510 grams a day and carbs dropped to no more than 150 a day. Strength has been the only consistent thing going up. I'm measuring later today so I'll see how that goes. Either way, I'm happy with it.

  19. Ok, measurements have been taken and there's nothing worth writing about. They're the exact same as they were before I started anything. But, it's cool because like I've said countless times before, the strength increases are unbelievable and I feel great all the time. Can't compete with that. Not much left in the bottle now, I have about 1 week left.

  20. any hairloss so far bro?

  21. Nah man, nothing like that. The only bad effect I had was acne on the M1T and 4AD. M5AA has done nothing bad, at least not that I can tell from a physical perspective.

  22. ****, I guess I should have posted today's workout before the last post. Screw it. Today was legs #1. Didn't feel up to par today, squats suffered. Last week I put up 395 for 6 reps full squats and it wasn't too bad. I figured 405 wouldn't be too bad this week, but I gave out on the bottom of the 4th rep. Everything else went up the rest of the workout but it still pisses me off because squats are what I rely on to gauge strength gains. And my weight is up 2 lbs over the weekend, but that could be from a weakness on Saturday at Olive Garden. 1 month on with 1 day off isn't too bad though. And my waist actually went down a little so I'm not too concerned anyway.

  23. Up another lb with the waist the same, so that's 249 lbs now. Did back and bi's today. Back went pretty good, had to change it up from last time due to too many gym rats clogging the good equipment. Example: close grip rows used for concentration curls by a 120lbs anorexic??? Anywayz, bi's went up 10lbs on everything from last week.

  24. any pics of your progress?

  25. No pics as of yet. I'll probably put some up here after everything is complete. Weighed in at 248. As for today's workout, shoulders and tri's went very well. Had to change it up a little because the smith machine was broken. Dumbbell shoulder presses went up another 10lbs. Triceps went up 30lbs on cable pressdowns and 20lbs on overhead rope thingy's. Overall great, but I'm not feeling as good as I had previously. Could be time to call it quits but the bottle is almost empty anyway, so big deal.

  26. Legs #2 was today and it went very well. I'm taking the hack squats as low as the machine goes now and I'm still moving up in weight. As for leg presses, I dropped 100lbs and started doing higher reps than usual. Looks like whenever I get too heavy, I end up doing it wrong and cheating somehow, but when I'm doing sets of 10, it feels about right. Anywho, weighed in at 247 so the weight if fluctuating a tad but nothing crazy.

  27. Chest was today. Chalk up another 10lbs on the incline bench, got 285 for 7 pretty damn easy. Hammer machine is maxed out now, can't fit any more plates on it, got 540lbs for 6 today, guess I'll just shoot for more reps now. Incline cable crossovers stayed the same, but regular cable crossovers went up another 10lbs. Bottle is damn near empty now, going to hate seeing it end.

  28. How many mg you taking? Are you taking all at once or divided?

  29. Well, ain't that a bitch, cycle is over. I took the last 2ml's this morning. Final weight is 247lbs, measurements are the same as when I started.
    Strength stats all last sets for 6 reps before and after:

    Incline bench - 245 before, 285 now
    Hammer machine-450 before, 540 now
    Cable crossovers- 110 before, 140 now
    Dips- 16 before, 23 now

    Squat - 355 before, 405 now
    Leg press - 900 before, 950 now
    Hack Squat - 500 before, 550 now
    Straight leg deads- 225 before, 285 now
    Extensions- machine maxed out at 285 for 22 reps
    Curls- 180 before, 220 now

    Military press - 225 before, 265 now
    Lat raises - 40 before, 50 now
    Dumbbell press - 90 before, 110 now

    Standing barbell curl - 95 before, 115 now
    Dumbbell preacher - 40 before, 45 now
    Concentration curls - 30 before, 40 now
    Hammer curl - 45 before, 55 now

    Close grip bench - 275 before, 325 now
    Overhead rope cable - 180 before, 210 now
    Pressdowns- 200 before, 235 now

    Wide grip pullups - 11 before, 16 now
    Close grip rows - 220 before, 250 now
    T-bar - 160 before and after
    Barbell rows - 195 before, 255 now
    Close grip pulldowns- 200 before, 240 now

    That's it. Went great. PCT starts tonight, if any problems arise, I'll post em, otherwise, this log is done. I'll take a couple months off before I start the M1,4ADD or methyldienolone. It's been real and it's been fun, but it's been real goddamn fun.

  30. How many days did the bottle of M5-aa last you at 2ml a day?

  31. Do u plan on increasing calories, and whats your PCT like? Also, please reply later, if you can, on whether you kept some/all/none of your strength gains.. thanks man good work..

  32. Bottle lasted 25 days. As for more calories, yeah, I'll probably bump up about an extra 500 calories a day just to be on the safe side. PCT is Nolva starting at 40mg a day. I have 6oxo so I guess I'll throw that in there also, not sure how good it'll do but it can't do any harm. Cardio will continue also. As for keeping strength, I'll post any changes, good or bad. Pics will be up in a couple days.

  33. That is just ****ing crazy, your lifts went up HUGE. Even though weight stayed the same do you feel like you got any leaner while staying at the same weight or reverse? I would have to think of 3 weeks atthose increases in weight you would have gained some lean tissue, just from exposure to the overload.

  34. I may have gotten a little leaner but it wasn't anything too noticeable. PCT is going great so far, lifts are continuing to go up. I'm breaking out like crazy, not sure what it could be from except for the increase in calories. I don't believe nolva causes acne that bad, but what the **** do i know? I'm prone to that **** anyway. I notice a lot more energy in the gym due to the calorie bump. Carbs went up to about 300 ed. Protein is around 550 ed. Weight is 248.

  35. Don't worry bro, with all the gains you've made, im sure acne was the least of your worries If it helps any, I NEVER have any acne, but nolva makes me break out pretty bad post cycle (ok ok, maybe a zit or two, but thats bad for me) since my hormones are still outta whack. Awesome progress!!!!
  36. update

    Everything is still going better than expected. I'm still at 40mg ed of nolva, that'll go down to 20mg on Monday for one week then I'm off everything. Strength has continued to go up although my endurance has went to ****. Weight is still at 248. Arms have actually gone up 1/4" since stopping. About to go overseas in a couple weeks, but I'm taking a good supply of methyls with me, enough to last 6 months anyway. Probably take M1T, M5AA, and M1,4ADD.

  37. Here's the damn pics I promised about 2 weeks ago. I could put them in the pic section but I don't want to start a goddamn thread over it. So, here they are. Yeah, I know, too many tats. Tough ****, I'm getting more soon.

  38. GODDAMN BRO!!! It looks like you have doubled in size since we went to Ozzfest. Good ****
    Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebub
    Here's the damn pics I promised about 2 weeks ago. I could put them in the pic section but I don't want to start a goddamn thread over it. So, here they are. Yeah, I know, too many tats. Tough ****, I'm getting more soon.

  39. why can't i see the attached thumbnails??

  40. Shane, thanks bro, too bad about this years Ozzfest though. Maybe next year, when I'm up to about 280lbs.


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