Brief Background::
I have ran 2 harsh compounds in the past... superdrol and pheraplex... not at same time (i like my liver a little...) and of course a legit PCT tamox etc.

phera - gained like 12lbs... and itchy nips..
sdrol - strength went way up.. gained like 6lbs... sore nips...bad back pumps best sleep of my life tho.

both left me a lil shutdown..and depressed..didn't last long tho once PCT kicked in.

I also ran 11-oxo as well in brief cut.. worked amazing.

I am legit 5'4 150lbs 13% BF and 23 years old. (lifts 245bench, 315 squat, 315 dead)

I would weigh more then that but have been injured.. after some dedication I'm pretty close to as big as i was in past. (not saying 5'4 150 is BIG) haha

Anyways I'm looking at HALO or EPI.. and possibly 1-T along side main focus is increase/keep strength... cut BF and maintain/gain some muscle

I am also thinking of adding 11-oxo cause i've had nothing but good results in the past.. but i might not need it.

Suggestions on cycle please.

EDIT: oh yeah i prefer to keep libido.. and lil sides obv.