M-1T Cycle Progress

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  1. Congrats

    Congrats on the progress man, hopefully will be starting mine late this week or early next week !!


    Quote Originally Posted by legaljuicer
    HOT DAMN!!!! I weighed myself this a.m and now weigh 189lbs. That is 9lbs in under two weeks.This is only my first week on M-1T. I can't wait to see what another week brings. Strength is not up a lot yet, but I also have changed my routine for this cycle and the rest-pause is kicking my ass.

  2. Just hit 2 weeks at 30mg a day of M-1T. Strength just started going up now but I've gained 10lbs so far and am Alot leaner. I will run for at least another week maybe 2. Have had considerable lethargy as only side, taking Ec before workouts to combat this.Will follow with 40mg Nolva ed along with milk thistle and SwoleV2, taking nac now and will continue post cycle. will run Nolva 2 weeks and rest of sups 4 weeks. Then on to Methyldienolone.

  3. two days ago the loss of appetite hit me hard. Feels like I have to choke down every meal. It will be interesting when I weigh myself tomorrow.

  4. The weights are going up but my weight is still at 189lbs. Not bad considering my loss of appetite.

  5. I do have to note an additional side effect, I sweat like a pig while sleeping.

  6. I just started taking m1t about 4 days ago and my hunger isnt slowing down one bit, if anything im more hungry, like every hour and a half i have to eat. no lethargy as of yet either, only gianed 2 lbs though, but look fuller, could just be all the eating though.

  7. My biggest issue is loss of appetite right now. I am force feeding myself the best I can and have added flax oil to my diet to help get in the calories I need. I will post tomorrow on my progress. It is almost the end of my third week on my cycle. It is also the end of my second week on M-1T. I was going to go 6 weeks but if nothing increases next week then I will stop at 4 weeks and do a post of 2 - 4 weeks before starting another one. My chest has definitley filled out and my arms are pumped all the time.

  8. Final stats. Started at 180lbs and ended at 191lbs. Chest, shoulders, bis all look bigger. Strength is up. I am on my post cycle recovery now. The worst side effect was the loss of appetite on the 2nd week of M-1T. I am very pleased with my 4-ad cyp, M-1T stack. I will try another one in about 3 or 4 weeks.

  9. Looks like a successful cycle bro!
    Thanks for sharing

  10. I am still on my PCT of nolvadex and still weigh 190lbs. I did drop down to 187lbs but then bounced back up. I think I was lowering my calories and didn't notice till I started dropping weight. Leason learned......eat....eat....eat .....and eat some more

  11. congrats on the gains. im also on nolva pct and have lost 3 lbs (from 192 to 189) but i've stayed at 189 for 3 days now.


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