Feedback on Cycle

  1. Feedback on Cycle

    Here is my cycle and all my other supps let me know if everything is ok

    Winstrol Oral 50mg
    Tren Enanthate 400mg every 5 days
    Equipoise 400mg every 5 days

    Soloray Spectro Multivitamin
    Lecithin 2400mg a day
    Milk Thistle 600 mg a day
    COQ-10 200mg a day
    Omega 3 5 grams a day
    Vitamin C 3 grams a day
    Grape Seed Extract 300mg a day
    Hawthorn Berry 1 gram a day
    Cranberry Extract 500mg a day
    Alpha LipoicAcid 600 mg a day

    Prolactin Support
    P5P-200mg a day
    L-Dopa 250 mg a day

    Post Cycle

    Let me know what do u think or if there is anything i am missing

  2. what are ur stats, cycle history and training experience? how come no test?

  3. i don't get it. how long are you going to run everything, don't tell me winstrol for the whole 12+ weeks lol, a lot of load on the liver and lipids, and no libido support, you need to rethink this IMO.

  4. I have been lifting for 6 years i have taken about 3 prohormone cycles (Legal Gear Methyl-1P/Alpha)and i took a 12 week cycle of test and i got gyno from the prohormones i didnt do the best pct with those, the test i did fine. The winni at 50mg a day for 4 weeks and the other two for 10 weeks. I didnt want to do test again because i dont want to get gyno in my other nipple, the right one i already had surgury. With these will i completely lose my libido? i am 6 5 275

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