Deca/Testosterone.......first cycle since 2007

  1. Deca/Testosterone.......first cycle since 2007

    Whats up all. I'm new to this forum. I've been reading alot of good info. A couple years back I was using deca and test but without any PCT which after reading through all the threads for the last few days I found out that could've been the stupidest move ever. I have a friend who has more Deca/Test for me. Its been 2 years so I thought about getting back into it. I'm 24 yrs old and weigh 144lbs. Below I'll need help putting my cycle together.

    Deca 1cc/1cc/1cc/1cc
    Test 1cc/1cc/1cc/1cc

    I know I'm going to need SERM and Post Cycle Therapy but thats where I'm going to need help on. Any suggestions?


  2. You might want to get back on the weights for a while before you juice.
    I guess you are short so 144lbs isn't too bad...

    Maybe you could write out a bit better on how you will do this cycle.
    Training Exp
    Cycle Exp

    Give us some more details..

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