My story is pretty long so please bear with me as I explain everything I've done and give some suggestions.

When I was in high school I was a fatty- 5'9" 245, I was lifting heavy for football taking creatine and Stacker 2 (back when it still had ephedra) Bench was 285.

Lost a ton of weight by working out, fixing my diet and switching between Hydroxycut Hardcore or Zantrax 3, I still take them occasionally for a pick-me-up.

I was down to 185 But I wasn't as strong as I was in High school. I also think my skin is a little saggy due to being stretched for so damn long. so I started taking "Mass tabs" got decent results and bodyweight back up to around 200. Bench went from 180ish-305 in about 2 months

Moved on to Sustenol (sustenon?)250 supposedly better but I didn't really notice anything.

Went overseas for 6 monthes and did a stack of Decabolen and Winivol (sp) Unfortunately I got a nasty stomach bug mid cycle and ended up missing about a 1.5-2 weeks of quality gym time. Can't say I really saw anything from it.

Later on, I took pill form Clen and had a almost no success, might have been poor quality pills. Took Liquid Clen about 8 months ago, definately felt it when I took it (1cc) but did not see the "shrink wrap" effect I was told it would do or hoped for.

So now I'm looking for a cycle that can help me bulk up to fill out my skin and cut up some and regain the strength I've loss, My bench is back in the 190 range. I'm currently 5'9" weighing in at about 195. I have an issue with goin over the 200lb mark again but would be okay if I was under 10% body fat. So any input would beappreciated especially if you read this whole post.