johnyq's primoridal performance 1T (standalone) LOG

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  1. johnyq's primoridal performance 1T (standalone) LOG

    I am doing a solo run of 1-T. I started wed 11/19, so I took my 6th dose today.

    Personal Background: First cycle other than dermacrine once. Plenty of "natural" products though.

    I just finished running drive and cre-02, and had a pretty good month. Before that I had a really poor gym record for about 6 months. So I'm a little round around the edges right now, but I'm re-committed

    My routine: very slightly modified west-side for skinny bastards v3.

    weight: 186 on day 1
    heigh: 5'7


    4 weeks (possibly 6) of 1-T solo, 5 pumps a day in the morning after a shower. PCT will be PP's test recovery stack.

    I have RPM on hand if I ever need a preworkout supp, but I haven't needed it lately.

    All other supplements:
    NA-RALA, 300-400mg a day
    AOR ortho-core Multivitamin
    ON whey
    Relentless post workout (protein +carbs)
    creatine post workout

    other pharma (started tuesday 11/18):
    tetracycline (antibiotic for skin)
    topical corticosteroid (for scalp)

    My experience up until this point:
    I started new prescriptions, as mentioned above, hopefully they had nothing to do with these initial experiences.

    The new pumps/dispensers are extremely nice. Huge step up, and probably nicest packaging in the industry.

    Smell/aroma: I would describe it as pleasant and subtle

    application: no complaints. Does not leave an oily feeling, rubs on mostly dry. Leaves skin feeling nice and hydrated.

    After application, I have noticed a slight feeling of hypoglycemia along with hunger and raised body temps, if that even makes sense. I feel overall tighter, and definitely more pumped, along with nice moods although nothing euphoric.

    On the second day I noticed a large increase in appetite, becoming insatiably hungry. By Friday, I was up 5 pounds, which I assume was mostly water retention, but obviously that extra food was going to effect me. This increase in hunger has continued, although is not as high as it was initially.

    Friday, I had an incredible day in the gym. Great drive and focus, but no anger at all (drive/rpm make me angry/mean, but similar focus). Best gym day in almost a year.

    I'll try and take a pic asap, so I have at least a comparison of now to the end.
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  2. NICE. Subscribed
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  3. Thanks for postin the log up Johny...


  4. thanks for the log, how's ur BP? libido?

  5. libido is solid (slightly elevated), random erections, but not a ton of "gotta have it now" drive. Blood pressure was checked the day before I started and was 142/72 as I recall. I'll check it every week or so, whenever I make it up to the store.

  6. I'm in, lookin' good!!

  7. Weight: 192 (+6lbs)

    Thats a lot of weight, I haven't noticed my waist expanding, and I don't feel fatter...just going to keep on with it I guess.

    Workout 11/24

    15 minutes of skating to work.

    ME Lower body day

    Box squats
    (@x refers to height of box below parallel)
    [email protected]"
    [email protected]"
    [email protected]"
    [email protected]"
    [email protected]"
    [email protected]"***Doesn't count, spotter wasn't familiar with box squats and started helping right from the start, fairly sure I could have done it.

    Split squats, rear leg up on aerobic stepper
    65x10x10 SS

    Romanian DL


    Pull throughs

    High rep ab circuit


    The box squat numbers were very strong for me. 305 would have definitely been a PR. Added some extra work to the routine as I was feeling great. Overall, very happy.

    I got a very strong pump in my legs this morning while skating to work. For now I'm going to chalk it up to the fact I haven't ridden in 2 weeks, but it has been noted.

    I'll try to find my body tape and get some measurements tonight.

  8. subbed

  9. subbed. Good Luck!

  10. Very interested in this product. Good log so far.

  11. I'll be following.

  12. Feeling really warm this morning, and hypo. I wonder if the 1-T is heightening the effects of my morning ALA and EGCG. Trying to stuff some food down.

    Took some measurements:
    right arm: 15"
    waist at navel (measured early morning): 38"

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  14. subbbbbed. good luck to you.

  15. My head continued to feel pretty warm for most of the day. I'm really curious if anyone else is getting this thermo effect.

    Felt a little tired for the workout, but it went well enough.

    Weight seemed to have stabilized finally.

    weight: 192

    Workout ME upper 11/25


    Incline db bench

    Seated rows SS faxepulls
    120x12. 50x11
    140x8. 60x10
    140x8. 60x10

    Incline seated curls

    Db shrugs

    I haven't done heavy bench in a very long time.

  16. subbed.....trying get all the feedback possible
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  17. gained another pound, hope I'm not getting fat(ter)

    weight: 193 (+7)

    * I did realize recently that I switched creatine types near the beginning of this log. I probably am storing some water weight that can account for a few pounds, but certainly not 7 pounds, jesus.....

    general feedback
    -muscles have been very hard.
    -Mood has been great.
    -Libido is fairly high.
    -got 1 single, but large, boil on my back. Its almost gone now (thankfully).

    I took two rpm before the workout today as it was an early afternoon session due to Thanksgiving. It gave me a huge amount of energy, probably could have stayed in the gym for 2 hours. Felt really good and focused despite starting with HIITs.

    Workout 11/27
    DE Lower body

    15 minutes of box jumps with ladder sprints (basically extreme HIITs)

    Reverse lunges, front leg raised high
    85 x 12
    95 x 8
    95 x 8

    step ups*
    135 x 12
    145 x 10

    good mornings
    135 x 10 x 8 x 8

    hanging leg raises x 10 x 8 x 8

    *Threw in some step ups to the routine, as to target the heads of the quads. Trying to add in a little bit of body building work to the routine (I've been adding some target arm work as well).

    Feel like I earned some turkey

    btw, I want to apologize for not getting "before pics", but at least we have some measurements to go by. I have some older pictures that will come close to where I was at, that I'll use at the end with some "after" pics.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by johnyq View Post
    Feeling really warm this morning, and hypo. I wonder if the 1-T is heightening the effects of my morning ALA and EGCG. Trying to stuff some food down.

    Took some measurements:
    right arm: 15"
    waist at navel (measured early morning): 38"
    recall the time of using old 1T, i feel "gotta have" about 40mins to an hr after apply, and feel warm too

    did u use the old 1T before? does the new 1T irritate ur skin like the old one?

  19. I'm basically a complete newbie to hormonal products.

    If your question had to do with a previous primordial performance product, nothing from them has ever bothered my skin (dermacrine/dermatherm/sustain).

  20. subbed

  21. great log, very intersted in this product, good work
    Mr. Supps Board Rep

  22. subbed, might actually run this solo over SD or PP solo cuz nonmethyl
  23. Thumbs up

    so far it looks like a great product, I`m in to see whats next

  24. Logs lookin good, keep it up!! really curious to see how this kicks in by week 3.


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