I was skimming the website and.....

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    I was skimming the website and.....

    Think you guys should make powdered custom drinks! Pre-workout stuff mainly or something of the sort. Offer standard flavor systems. I really want to make a custom pre-fasted cardio product or pre-workout product. Taking pill after pill and chasing powder after powder gets to be a pain. I would much rather pay an extra $10 to simply scoop it and slam it.

    Im sure the demand is out there.
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    I would be totally up for this...
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    Talking Here's an email I recently sent to Jesse:

    I've received my order from Beyond A Century and I'm now waiting for my order from 1F400 (Bulk Nutrition). Once I've decided which powders I intend to keep as part as my daily or workout staples, I'll order more from you. For your information, when you sell bulk powders, you are nearly always cheaper than BAC or 1F400; sometimes, even ordering capped powders from you is cheaper than ordering bulk powders elsewhere, which is impressive. I would have expected you to take advantage of your offering a unique service to, well, set prices rather high. (Thank you for not taking those words of praise as an encouragement to bump all your prices up!)

    There is another service I wish you offered: custom powders in bottles. As it stands, I'm still obliged to mix my powders myself when I need quantities that would make capsules less than practical (as a general rule, anything beyond 250mg per serving fits that description). Years ago, I used to weigh each powder separately, which was imprecise at best in addition to being messy; now I mix full bottles, but it obliges me to prepare a mix for the next three months and, for that, I need a big container, and then to mix everything by hand, which makes it very hard to get a really homogenized powder. True Protein does offer custom powders, but only in very rough quantities, suitable for protein mixes but nearly nothing else.

    Just add it to your list of things to do. If you work only 80 hours a week, obviously you're still wasting time doing useless stuff such as eating and sleeping. Slacker.

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