Slumber Stack Caps......opinions on my custom sleep mix

  1. Slumber Stack Caps......opinions on my custom sleep mix

    this is my sleep blend what do you guys think about it, is it overkill? How should i adjust it or is it perfect?

    zinc 15MG
    melatonin 2MG
    damiana leaves 500MG
    GABA 2G
    valerian root 500MG
    rhodiola rosea root 100MG
    lemon balm extract 200MG
    L-tryptophan 100MG
    phoshatidyl-serine 100MG

    9caps a serving
    33 servings

    so what do you think?

  2. BUMP!

    should i lower the damiana and valerian to 250mg?

  3. Damn this thing gets no reads, come on people!

  4. Really I like GABA especially when I was using pGHT. However I feel its a waste of time to cap 2grams. The effective dose is 5 grams. Really your better off taking out the GABA and buying it in bulk.

    You need some Magnesium in your formula like 400mg. It is great for muscle relaxation. The rest of the formula looks very good.

  5. Thanks alot many, repped. Ill add magnesium but i think ill leave the GABA in unless it is tasteless. Is it?

  6. I'd also give it a run without the melatonin. It knocks me out by itself let alone stacked with anything else. Makes me too groggy in the mornings.

    Valerian itself is great for relaxing before bed. Yet to try GABA.

    Side note PP, have you tried Liptrophin PM by AN? i think its only about $20 and i've been having a great nights sleep since i started on that as well. Not too sure about its fat loss capabilities but it could be worth a try.

  7. Pills Per Serving: 7
    Servings Per Batch: 43
    Pills Per Batch: 300

    L-Tryptophan 100 MG
    Lemon Balm Extract 200 MG
    Melatonin 2 MG
    Valerian Root 500 MG
    Phoshatidyl-Serine 100 MG
    Rhodiola rosea Root 75 MG
    Zinc 15 MG
    Magnesium 400 MG
    Damiana Leaves 500 MG
    7-Keto-DHEA 50 MG


  8. i'd probably drop the phosphatidyl serine, I dont think its effective at that dose

  9. GABA is almost tasteless. It's only a tad salty. I take 3g+ plain and rather enjoy the taste. Buy it in bulk, and save the cap space without a doubt.

  10. thanks guys for the suggestions really apprieciate it. I guess i should take out the phos serine it just adds to the price and your right about the dose, thanks easy. As far as the GABA someone reccomended me take it out and just buy bulk also so thats the plan as well as some L-arginine as they work together if i recall.


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