**Core FURY** Pre-Workout Energy, Pump, and Endurance

  1. **Core FURY** Pre-Workout Energy, Pump, and Endurance

    Core FURY

    Pre-workout Energy, Pump, and Performance Augmenter

    core [kawr, kohr]
    1. the central, innermost, or most essential part of anything.

    fu•ry [fyoo r-ee]
    noun, plural fu•ries.
    1. unrestrained or violent anger, rage, passion, or the like.
    2. violence; vehemence; fierceness.

    Your veins are bursting through your skin, your muscles sore. Your calluses burn like pure fire, screaming out for you to stop. Your mind races, anxious, and you stare at the bar on the floor like Custer making his last stand. Are you nervous? No. Scared? Not in the slightest. You’re furious, down to your very core, and right now smashing that weight as if it owes you money has consumed you. It’s time to unleash the FURY!

    Does that sound like your last workout? If not, then let’s be blunt: you are not training hard enough. Maybe you were tired. Maybe work stressed you out. Or maybe, you didn’t want it bad enough! Maybe the fury doesn’t burn in you like it burns in most of the greats. Or, maybe, your pre-workout formula simply is not up to snuff!

    Whatever the reason, the solution is here. Now, every supplement company is going to tell you two things about their pre-workout product: one, that their product is different from everyone else’s, and two, that you will have the best workout of your life when you take it. Yet, here we are, thirty some years into the pre-workout product business, and the same tired formulas are dragged out again and again, loaded with pixie dust, proprietary blends, and low quality ingredients.

    Core FURY bucks that trend. It reinvents the wheel by not trying, or claiming, to reinvent the wheel. There is no super-secret-highly-confidential-limited-release-slap-your-mom-and-steal-your-uncle’s-wallet ingredient! Why? Because you don’t need them and they don’t work! What you need is an intelligently designed, non-proprietary blend pre-workout product with high-quality, proven ingredients, in doses that reflect the clinical research and are chosen to work in concert with one another. That is Core FURY!

    Core FURY’s generously dosed, non-proprietary blend formula supports:

    • Increased strength and performance
    • Increased vascularity and muscle hardness
    • Increased blood flow, nitric oxide (NO) production, and “PUMP”
    • Increased ATP replenishment for fatigue prevention
    • Increased focus, energy, and sense of well being

    So stop getting mad that your pre-workout doesn’t cut it. Unleash the FURY!

  2. What a promising ingredient profile, 1500mg of Agmatine is my sweet spot and I this is the first pre-workout I've seen dose more than 1g for 2 scoops.

    CoreFury + CoreABC- BCAA's would make for one hell of a strong pre-workout combination. Loving the non-prop blends
    Core Nutritionals Representative

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