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    I'm about to stop working out and taking supplements for about 2 weeks to give my body a break. (Will continue to use whey protien) When I start back up next year I want to try this stack,"Maximum Strength MassFX (When it comes out) PW, GM & WF". How does this look? What do you guys here think about this?


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    IWhat do you guys here think about this?

    Age ?
    Email: pt [at]

  3. 45 ouch.

  4. Sounds solid !
    Email: pt [at]

  5. Started back lifting on 12-29 using a Unilateral Weight Lifting Program on a four day split to bring my right side up in strenght compared to my left side. Not using Mass FX or HD2 at this time. I'm saving those for my mass and strenght phass. Here's what I used, Anabolic Pump, Supper Cissus RX, Purple Wrath & Green Magnitude. I used AP & SC as directed and two scoops of PW & GM. WRONG!!!!!!! I felt like I was going to throwup. This did not agree with me. So today I cut the dose of PW & GM in half. Much better. Had good strenght and energy through out my workout.


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