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    today i just got my order of Green Mag, GlycerGrow, Purple Wraath and Red Acid. I'll be taking those along with protien. i was going to the take the supplements like this:

    preworkout: protien
    during workout: GG and PW
    post workout Green Mag and Red Acid

    is there a different time i should take them to get the most out of the supplements or is what i have set for the time i take them ok? also, can Glycer Grow be taken dry?

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  2. You can be pretty flexible with when you want to take the supplements, and everybody reacts differently to them.

    I've found my sweet spot is...

    1/2 Scoop Green Mag 1 hr pre-workout with 8 oz h2o

    2 scoops purple wraath with 1/2 gallon h2o (sipping 30 minutes preworkout through entire workout and finishing immediately post workout)

    1/2 scoop green magnitude post workout in 8 oz h2o

    1 scoop ON 100% whey post workout with a spoonful of peanut butter and a banana.

    I did 1/2 scoop pre and post because i was getting bad cardio cramping due to the bloating effects of green mag. I also found that I didn't get the BA tingle from PW if I started sipping during workout; but when I started sipping 30 minutes before workout, i got the BA tingle and it was awesome!!!!

    best of luck, looks like a great stack

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