Help needed with a stack

  1. Help needed with a stack

    hey, i heard about green bulge and purple wraath and gotten some but i want to stack it with white blood and blue up but not sure if there are some age restrictions cause of the stuff in it?
    can someone please tell me??

  2. by the way im 17

  3. Thank you for being upfront with your age. unfortunelty we do not recommend supplements to anyone under the age of 18.

    Blue Up is a testosterone booster which is definietly not needed by anyone under the age of 18. your hormones are at their peak and will not start to decrease or slow down until you are around 20 or so.

    Put these on the shelf for now and focus on your diet, routine, sleep, and hydration. If additional supplements are needed then you can add in a protein powder (after diet is in check), a multi vitamin, and fishoil.

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