Two containers of White Flood 2.0 gone bad!

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    Two containers of White Flood 2.0 gone bad!

    I recently bought a container of White Flood 2.0 when it went on sale. I dont think it was purchased on Labor Day sale, probably either 4th of July sale or Memorial Weekend sale. Anyways, I had used at most 3 scoops from this container, and a few other scoops from a smaller, sample container of White Flood that had about 10 servings in it that I received for free as part of some promo, maybe a buy an Orange Triad, get this free type of deal.

    Anyways, both containers suddenly went bad in a matter of days. I reached for my 30 serving WF2.0 container, opened it, and it was brick solid. No amount of banging would break it up. In addition, it had transformed from a sandy, fluffy powder to a hard, glossy, deep purple color with a very strong, sweet smell to it.

    I keep most of my supplements in a dark cabinet at room temperature. All of my other powders, including creatine, whey, ALCAR, are all fine. It's just the two WF2.0. I dont really care about the smaller container, but I'm pretty miffed about losing a whole container of WF2.0 to what appears to be a problem with the supplement itself.
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    If you haven't contacted NP yet, I'd start with them first...
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    Quote Originally Posted by schizm View Post
    If you haven't contacted NP yet, I'd start with them first...
    I would agree. Let me know how that goes first since they were the supplier They will be able to get it fixed
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