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    Have you ever trained so hard, that every night you feel like you can't recover fast enough? Do you wake up tired, even if you got a full nights rest? Here at Controlled Labs, we strive to create products that allow you to acheive your goals in a safe, healthy and inexpensive way. Our latest product, Blue GrowtH™, was designed just for this.

    Growth and regeneration are the top requirements that bodybuilders and athletes are always looking for. These two elements are what can make or break an athlete in a particular sport and why so many have turned to HGH (Human Growth Hormone) supplementation. HGH is largely responsible for these two relished bodily processes amongst top athletes and amateurs alike. This hormone is the key to true growth.

    Mucuna Pruriens

    The backbone of many herbal GH products is L-Dopa (Mucuna Pruriens). Blue GrowtH contains an extract of L-Dopa that is 60% pure, one of the highest available. Some of the benefits of L-Dopa include increase in testosterone, an aphrodisiac (increases libido and is good for impotency and erectile dysfunction), as a muscle builder and is used to stimulate growth of hormone, lowers blood sugar and blood pressure, calms nerves and aids in weight loss. (1) It's plain to see why this ingredient is so popular in the bodybuilding arena. L-Dopa also acts as a natural anti-prolactin.

    Safed Musli
    The next ingredient we include is Safed Musli. This herb has been used in India (Ayurvedic literature celebrates Safed Musli as a miracle plant) for aiding in sexual function. Along with enhancing male potency, it has also been known to help battle fatigue, increase energy and boost testosterone. The saponins contained in Safed Musli have shown traces of stigmasterol. Stigmasterol shares a similar structure to testosterone. It is believed to latch on to the same body receptors that testosterone attaches to which causes stigmasterol to act nearly the same as testosterone. (2)

    Another main component of Blue GrowtH, as well as our other product Blue Gene, is Carnitine. This takes two forms, L-Carnitine as Tartrate, and GlycoCarn™. Carnitine, in it's simplest terms, raises nitric oxide levels. This is a key part of the Blue GrowtH formula. This allows for deeper rest and recovery through the transport of essential blood nutrients and growth factors. Supplementation with L-Carnitine has been shown to increase testosterone, insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor-binding protein-3 [IGFBP-3], and immunofunctional and immunoreactive growth hormone [GHif and GHir](3)


    5-HTP was included because BGH (Blue GrowtH) is designed for pre-bedtime use. 5-HTP is 5-Hydroxytryptophan, as most people know "tryptophan" is the ingredient in turkey which makes so many people sleepy after Thanksgiving dinner. 5-HTP crosses the blood-brain barrier and increases the production of seratonin, or the chemical essential for sleep. Deep sleep will increase growth hormone release. 5-HTP will also put the user into a state relaxation, as depression and anxiety is sometimes related to a lack of seratonin. The final use of 5-HTP in the Blue GrowtH formula is to surpress appetite, allowing you to sleep without being awoken with hunger or cravings for food.(4)

    Here's what some athletes had to say about Blue GrowtH...

    Quote Originally Posted by IrishIron
    I was training harder and faster than I had in a very long time without changing anything in my diet so this can be attributed strictly to Blue GrowtH. My workouts went faster without cutting any corners and I was putting up heavier weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by JC32
    The sleep I experienced with Blue Growth was outstanding. Most nights I fell asleep considerably quicker and then stayed asleep (only getting up to occasionally use the bathroom). It definitely help set the mood to sleep, with a calm relaxing feeling.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dalrsmith
    My skin has definitely benefited from Blue GrowtH. Ever since I started taking this product, I have noticed that my skin (primarily on my face and body) has firmed up a good bit. I have a lot of stretch marks since I have started working out (I have lost 25-30 lbs). Blue GrowtH has seemed to take these stretch marks (the ones near my thigh area and arm pit area) and has seemed to smooth them over somewhat. Overall, I would rate this product a 10/10.

    Quote Originally Posted by silentbob187
    Usually within 20 minutes of taking Blue Growth my eyes felt heavy and I was ready to pass out. I did notice that I felt more refreshed upon waking when I was taking Blue Growth.

    Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc
    I had some pretty vivid dreams while on Blue GrowtH as well. I feel for the price this is a pretty solid supplement.

    Quote Originally Posted by intellectural
    Increased Energy/Well Being was also a prominent effect of the product, I had great energy levels and mental clarity during the day and, overall, a better sense of well being.Overall, great product that I'll be purchasing in the future

    Quote Originally Posted by JC32
    I don't believe I had one single workout without at least 1 PR since I started Blue Growth. I felt stronger every single workout. Did I make outrageous gains in 30 days, no, but I do feel like I was continually making progress, yes. I didn't expect superhuman strength changes, but I saw enough to make me want more! Combined with Blue Gene, ya have one heck of progress maker/plateau buster!

    Quote Originally Posted by gspsilva
    My strength and endurance has been up too. I may have broke a personal record with my bench at my weight.

    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteFiberz
    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone seeking to have a better night's sleep, and I think that it's properties would really shine in a caloric defecit- when people usually lack to most sleep and could use the most recovery!

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    (2)The Safed Musli Plant and Natural Bodybuilding Supplements
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  2. Nice quotes. Now just get me a coupon or a sale or something, I really like this stuff, but honestly around this time of year I just cant afford it, no matter how great it is.
    PHF Rep


  3. i just added this to my GB/WB combo... so we'll see where it gets me

  4. Awesome!!! My guess is... it will get you healed up quicker and sleeping deeper, along with some other positives (good skin/libido increase)...

  5. BlueGrowtH is definitely some good stuff!

  6. Blue GrowtH / White Blood Log (sponsored)

    If anyone wants to see my results so far on a Blue GrowtH / White blood bulk check out my log. I have gotten great results so far... complete with pics!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    Blue GrowtH / White Blood Log (sponsored)

    If anyone wants to see my results so far on a Blue GrowtH / White blood bulk check out my log. I have gotten great results so far... complete with pics!
    Awesome log + supplement combo!

    I've been impressed with the results so far MM11,seems like a perfect GH winter stack to run

  8. The stack would also be awesome for anyone trying to cut. But has been great to me on a bulk

  9. Quote Originally Posted by MM11 View Post
    The stack would also be awesome for anyone trying to cut. But has been great to me on a bulk
    Yeah I find I sleepwalk+eat alot less when I take BGH


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