Cutting/recomp stack

  1. Cutting/recomp stack

    What would be the best selection of CL products for a semi-cut/recomp! Gimme the kane special ! Would it be a waste if I used purple wratth pre workout then used purple in train during? Thanks

  2. It would definitely include Purple INTRAIN and Blue GENE
    Email: pt [at]

  3. You can always save money by choosing either PW or PI and then stacking Blue Gene.

    Blue Gene + PI/PW + GM - My fav.

  4. Been using PW for a few years now with the recent addition of GM and GG and its really helped in keeping my strength and mass while on a semi-restrive diet. Infact ive been able to slowly lose weight as well, around 1% fat every 2 months.
    A good test/gh booster works extremely well with the CL stuff, quite possible to put on lean mass and slim up.

  5. Thanks for the support!

  6. White flood has been very helpful in recomp/trimming up. Which was a pleasant surprise for me.
    Ive stacked it with Purple Intrain (I like it better than PW because of the Banaba- which helps lower glucose levels, aiding in fat loss, and it has all the goodies like Leucine and Beta Alanine) and Green Mag (I think the creatine in there is pretty clean- no bloat and all the hardness/strength, betaine has been proven to prevent fat accumulation).

  7. Thanks fore the feedback!


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