NEW White Flood "White Raspberry" Flavor @ Nutraplanet next week!

  1. NEW White Flood "White Raspberry" Flavor @ Nutraplanet next week!

    That's right. The first new flavor of white flood since its launch, and this one is truly delicious. The flavor is "White Raspberry" and it tastes like real raspberries.

    It will be available at nutraplanet by Tuesday in both the 50 serving and 25 serving sizes.

  2. Hawt!

  3. Waiting for it! I'm not placing another order unless this is in my cart for me to try!

  4. cant wait to give this a go, huge WF fan here

  5. Those rasberries look mighty sharp

  6. Hek yea brother!

  7. suhweet!! the flavor is great!


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